Beginner’s Secrets to Your First Erotic Massage


How to Find Erotic Massage Near Me

Do you often stress over work, have problems at home or are experiencing challenges with your sexual cravings? Then an erotic massage could be what you’re missing, and if you haven’t thought about it, then there are plenty of benefits that should woo you to try. 

Besides the depth of this therapeutic massage, there are more benefits that you may want to know about. The beauty today is that massage parlours are everywhere, and you could easily walk by one any time of day. Since they are legal to run, erotic massage parlours have mushroomed in built up areas. 

You’ll not be surprised to find others within salons and in unexpected areas, which introduces the next benefit, discreetness. Such availability makes them easily accessible from wherever you are. You don’t have to travel miles to get a good erotic massage. All you have to do, is go out and look. Of course, you need an eye for such sexual establishments since they may not go by the actual name. 


Privacy and discretion is one of the things you’ll want with erotic massages, and you’ll get it! Why? If you have kids, a family, or a reputation that may be affected by your pleasures, then the best way may be to do them at your discretion. 

Adult massage parlours have their clients in mind, and will often be masked as ‘Thai Shops.’ For a better experience and guarantee on the same, these parlours may be situated in private homes as they will easily blend with their surroundings.

Such discretion not only makes the sessions more enjoyable, but also peaceful.  It may be hard to enjoy if you’re worried that someone may find out.

No booking evidence

If you fear that your steps may be retraced, or if you wouldn’t want anyone, by any chance, to find out where you’ve been, then you’re covered! You are best advised to make a booking call, which together with other evidence of your session, will be destroyed as soon as you leave. What’s more is that fake names are no big deal; you can as well choose to hide your number.

With no evidence of your session, no information about where you’ve been can be leaked.

Freedom of choice

You may be presented with various masseuses for your first session, and from the plenty, you can choose whoever you’ll click with most. With erotic massages, your comfort and satisfaction will be guaranteed.

This helps with boosting your experience. You want to spend your session with someone whose touch you’ll desire and enjoy. 

Nervous is just okay 

You may, however, feel nervous at a point, or shy when starting off. It’s totally okay, and your masseuses know this. They also know how better to handle first-timers. So, all you have to do, is be you, and you’ll be handled satisfactorily. 

Parlours have even made it possible to have a sit-down and chat with the erotic masseuses, to get you accustomed to the surrounding and help you easily land on a favourite. Some parlours may even offer wine for your nerves!

Your preference first 

You should expect adult parlours to be flexible and in line with your preference. The first step is heading to your bedroom with one of the gorgeous therapists that you will have selected. You and your girl can then have a discussion on what you’d like for your session. Your style and preferences will, therefore, all be catered for.

The point here is to deliver the massage as you would love or had desired when heading to the parlour. We all have different interests and fantasies. With your masseuse, you can make them a reality, within the reasonable and agreed bounds. 

A full-body massage

The therapist will begin the session, naked, applying massage oil on your skin with your body lying on a towel. If your nudity or that of the masseuse will make you feel nervous, then this too can be discussed. The masseuse will then start you off with a classic full-body massage meant to soothe and relax the tension in your neck, back and shoulders. Any strains or stresses in this muscles will be released.

Sexual progressions

The session builds up into an ‘edging’ technique in which your masseuse will run her fingers through your body’s sensitive areas. She will, with every touch, get close to your manhood, driving more pleasures similarly at the top of your physique. 

While this stage involves arousal, it is not here that you get to request a treat for the climax, or if the parlour offers, sex. That introduces the next point.

Does the session include sex?

Many people wonder if adult massage sessions include sex. This varies with erotic massage parlours, but you should expect each parlour to have something special in place for you. Masseuses may also offer something different each time. 

You may, therefore, come across or already have, terms such as “full-service” massage, or a “happy ending.” A full-service may include a hand relief, orals, and even a penetration, while an erotic happy ending may include a hand relief only.

Respect is paramount

You are expected to always remain respectful to your masseuse. An erotic massage may become quite sexual in progression, and it is important to keep intimacy farther away. So, French-kissing should be discussed with the masseuse prior to your session, and so should unprotected orals. 

The 24-hour service that most erotic parlours offer is also something to go for, and will help you with any inquiries prior to your appointment. 

Many people in their first time have worries, questions, requests and unique preferences. Feel free to share this with the friendly client service you’ll get.

Try an erotic massage out today!

An erotic massage is good for you for many reasons; there is absolutely no need for hesitation or worry. Besides boosting sexual stamina, you can find an escape to many worries that you may have in life, or comfortably unwind the stress in your muscles. You should be sure to come across an erotic massage in your area; it could be a good experience to try it out today.



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