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In case you are an avid reader who relishes the inveigling chorography of adult romance, then drinking from the fountain of manga is no different. Art is a broad word to describe adult romance. Nonetheless, it’s befitting.

In adult manga, sires through the powerful ability of the mind bring to life unadulterated content for readers to get into.

In a nutshell, manga is an exploration of your innermost desires, it’s just but a vessel that explores them to deliver reality, and this is made possible with the power of the mind. Those who’ve explored a variety of manga series know this too well.

We’ve previewed the most captivating manga, and our selections have boiled down to the top five that we’re sure will add unforgettable seasoning to your manga experience.

Bitter Virgin

This manga is scripted with dramatic twists that are entangled in a romantic stratagem. For the lovers of animated content, this should be the definite pick. Essentially, the story focuses on Daisuke Suwa, a boy who’s still a high-school student.

On the other side of the narrative we find Bitter Virgin, a girl probably in pursuit of Daisuke. The boy has a mother who raises him all by herself. She is husbandless.

Daisuke has one major objective in mind, graduating through middle school and later on figuring a way through university that’s in the city, living his own life.

In one scenario, Daisuke is having a conversation with his classmate and proclaims disinterest in one Hinako Aikawa.

His reason, he says, is because he’s enraged with Hinako’s unsullied response to physical touch or encounters with schoolmates of the opposite gender. He thinks she’s a virgin.

There’s a time when Daisuke finds himself looking for refuge in a spooky church. He’s avoiding two girls walking past and in the process, finds himself imitating the role of priest in the creed.

It’s in the eerie location where he inadvertently rendezvous with Hinako.

One thing leads to another and when the supposed priest is asking for confession, the faithful narrates how she experienced physical and sexual abuse from her stepdad and how she ended up being pregnant not once or twice, but on multiple encounters.

Ao no Flag

The manga revolves around three characters: 2 of these are great friends who’ve known each other since their childhood. The other is merely a friend to the only girl amidst the drama.

In the first corner of the love triangle we find the third-year student, Taichi Ichinose.

He’s promised Futaba Kuze, a classmate and a good friend as well, to help her in delivering a  love confession to an acquaintance she’d stuck close to from a tender age, Touma Mita.

As time goes by, Taichi gradually develops a liking for Futaba. He too, finds it harder to confess to her friend. The more he tries to help, the closer he finds himself to Futaba.

Futaba loves Touma very much but she fails to reveal this to him every time they’re together.

In the course of their friendship over the years, nothing ever went wrong. Nothing ever felt so awkward. Taichi and Futaba had been best of friends and their relationship had thrived over time like any other friendship.

Even though Futaba is deeply in love with Touma, there’s a hindrance she sees. A good number of girls like him and have also fallen for him because of his attractive physical stature and how easily most girls fall for him.

Regardless, Touma’s sentiments toward Taichi state otherwise. His feelings for her are undaunted and have remained so throughout their friendship. He bases this on how strong she’s stood by him ever since they were young.

Velvet Kiss

Shin Nitta is the main character in this particular manga. All of a sudden, Shin realizes he’s submerged and saddled with a colossal debt. In his stature, he’s unable to pay the 80 million yen debt he owes some company.

To opt out fairly, his privy loan broker tables him a deal he says can get him off the hook in no time. The option seems fair at first. He’s tasked to tarry with a woman named Kanoko. The tarrying, he says, is just to provide her with company for a specified duration. He agrees.

But things take a turn for the worst. As time passes by, Shin realizes the task isn’t as simple as he initially thought it to be.

At the onset of their contractual relationship, Kanoko and Shin find themselves at loggerheads oftentimes and they aren’t in good terms.

According to Shin, Kanoko’s habits correlate to the lifestyle of a spoilt youngster who is scarcely troubled with anybody else’s worries but hers. 

However, the more time Shin spends with Kanoko the clearer he sees Kanoko’s self centeredness in a different way.

The story behind Kanoko’s suffering stems from her stepmother, who is also or used to be her aunt before her biological mother passed away. The stepmother is responsible for the death of her mother and the unexplainable sickness that befell her dad.

She’s also responsible for the huge 80 million yen debt owed by Shin to the company owned by Kanoko’s dad. Consequently, the setup where he has to be with Kanoko is the only way to free himself off the shackles of the financial crisis he’s in.

Nana to Kaoru

Kaoru is a teenage boy aged 17 years. He’s a virgin. Kaoru has a friend, Nana, who’s been his close ally since childhood. Nana is a girl. The manga tries to explain how Nana is fascinated by Kaoru’s collection of toys designed for S & M fetishes.

Most boys look up to Nana. They see her as the “girl of their dreams.” Everything about her seems to be more than perfect. Nana and Kaoru were separated for the better part of their teenage lives, basically because both started to hang out with disparate acquaintance factions.

Kaoru’s grades are on the line so her mother decides to give Nana his toys, instructing her to safe keep them for the time. Nana, out of curiosity, explores the collection and tries them out.

She loves the interesting designs. The leather design is the most intriguing, so she straps it on with a lock but can’t find the key afterward. Since the encounter, she becomes more interested in S & M designs. How will Kaoru’s relationship fair with Nana?


In the manga, Raku Ichijo is a son to a Yakuza leader. His father leads the Shumi-Gumi faction. Likewise, there’s a girl named Chitoge Kirisaki. She, just like Raku, is borne of a leader of one of the fighting factions. In fact, the Beehive is a great adversary of Shumi-Gumi.

Raku and Chitoge cross paths for the first time when Chitoge accidentally knees Raku’s face when she’s hopping over a barrier. In the process, Raku loses a locket a childhood ally had gifted to him.

The locket is of sentimental value to Raku. When receiving the pendant, he made an enigmatic promise to his friend. Losing the locket equaled going back on his word.

When he finds his way to class, Raku discovers Chitoge is also in the same class with him. Enraged, he forces her to help him find the lost item. From that moment afterwards, they loathe one another.

However, the enmity between the two does them no good when they’re compelled to unite for the sake of their clans’ unity. As their interaction deepens, Raku begins to think the other girls he meets might be the ones who gave the pendant to him.

As his search continues, is there a chance he’ll find the mysterious friend?

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