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Adult swim shows came on board in 2001, and since then, it has become one of the prominent shows in late hours of comedy programming. The shows have been awarded several times for its influences and creativity.

Over the years, adult swim shows have been numerous in the industry that one may not know which is the best. Today, we will offer you a list of best adult swim shows in no particular order. 

The list is based on the best adult swim shows that have received awards for topping the rank.

The Boondocks

The Boondocks is one of the adult swims that gave significant meaning to shows in this category. This show was created by Aaron McGruder in 2005, and it came to an end officially in 2014 with four complete seasons. 

Its influence birth a significant impact on the adult swim shows, which has not been spoken of again in any other show since then. This is a justification that its one of the best adult swim shows so far. In addition, it won the Peabody award when it was still airing.  

This show received many criticisms from some individuals for its constant use of social and political commentaries and racial slanders. With all these critics from different angles, the show continues to wax stronger and better. 

Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

This is a perfect choice for many people. This show was created by Eric Wareheim and Tim Heidecker. The duo had a terrific influence on this fantastic show. This is invoked by modern comedy, and it’s full of vibes. Its premiere was in 2007, and ever since then, some YouTubers and advertisers have been using their comedy styles to create their shows. 

Asides this, people have also been imitating their outstanding editing for this series, which is versatile. All this is proof that this show is characterized by unique features that have set it aside from others.

Tim and Eric awesome show, great job!  is filled with numerous skilled and talented comedians and actors who did a fantastic job. This is another crucial factor that makes people stay up late at night to see the show. It’s sad that the show ended officially in 2010, but surprisingly, it came around again in 2017 and went off once more.

Rick and Morty

One of the latest adult swim show is Rick and Morty. It gained its grand entrance in 2013. From many viewers’ comments, this show is more than just an adult swim show. This is because it’s impressive and outstanding. This series has become so famous in a short time. That is probably as a result of the excellent storyline and the efforts of the creators, Dan Harmon and Justin Roland, and their crew.

It’s a sci-fi comedy that revolves around a family, majorly the grandson and grandfather, Rick and Morty, and their adventures. The series touches political ideology, social commentary, modern dating culture, religion, and many more. This is a series that will always leave you guessing by the end of each 20 minutes episode. In a nutshell, this young series has earned the admiration and love of its fans, which has been drawing more fans to itself.   

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, is an adult swim show that many other shows of its kind cannot compare with. The lead character in this series, Harvey birdman, who was once a hero, later became an attorney. He is always found defending characters with all the legal problems they are challenged with in this series.  

This series commenced in the year 2001 and ended in 2007. However, in 2018, this series resurfaced with a new title, “Harvey Birdman: attorney general.” Recently a new series has been announced and ordered to series, and it’s titled “birdgirl.” With the whole saga seen in the previous series, it’s a little wonder that the series is qualified to be referred to as one of the best adult swims.  

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is among the series that has influenced the adult swim shows positively. This series is famous in society, and most of the viewers have something nice to say about it. The series kicked off in the year 2002, and it stopped in 2015. It is referred to as the longest adult swim series.     

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is also one of the few adult swim shows to have a movie, and its characters live on adult swim branding. Master Shake, Meatwad, Carl, and Frylock, who have all strengthened their legacy as adult swim stars. They all have their misadventures, which will ever be timeless due to the series premise. Overall, this series is classic, unique, and very funny. It’s a series that will crack you up throughout each episode.  

Robot Chicken

This are just a few adult swim shows that have earned global recognition in geek culture. However, Robot Chicken is one of the best shows in the industry. This is simply because it’s so notorious for its monologue on the best of geek pop culture.  This series has garnered lots of Emmys ever since it commenced in the year 2005. So far, robot chicken is available in seven seasons, along with specials on DC Comics, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead that were classics. 

In a nutshell, robot chicken is a series that is full of humor and violence. If you are a person that loves pop culture, you will like this series.

Home Movies

Home Movies started life on UPN. Later, it was stopped after just five episodes, and it came back again on adult swim, which was billed as its first show in 2001. It’s an adult-oriented comic show that was more grounded than many other shows that came on board later. 

This series ended in the year 2004. As short-lived as it is, its one of the series that people would still love to see on-air again. This is because it’s among the brand’s cult classics.    

The creators of this series are Loren Bouchard and Brendon Small. People love Home Movies, and you may just check it out now to prove them wrong. I bet you will love it more than they do and end up longing for its continuation.

The Eric Andre Show

If there was ever an adult swim show that should be regarded as the best, then Eric Andre is that show. It’s a hilarious show that will get you rolling on the sofa. The creators of this series are Hannibal Buress and Eric Andre. 

It gained grand entrance in 2012, and since then, they released four seasons till 2016. No one can tell when the next season will be out, even though season five is in progress.

This is a well-known series in society, and it loved by many for its signature style and comic.The concept of this show makes it stand out among its counterparts. It has a regular style of a talk show, but its amazing that the quests are always clueless about what they are getting into. Amazingly, the series has gained a lot of fans and positive comments.

The Venture Bros

The Venture Bros recently took the place of Aqua Teen Hunger Force as the longest adult swim show at the period it ended. That could be called a bittersweet accomplishment. 

If you love the 1960s and 70s adult cartoons and superheroes, you will like it so much.  

Again, if you see this series, you will realize that it deserves to be called the best. This is because The Venture Bros have impressed many people from the beginning of the show until today. It came on board in 2003, and it’s still running with seven seasons already. With that, the creators ensure it’s of high quality, which is one of the reasons why its fans look forward to more always.


Metalocalypse is created by Tommy Blacha and Brendon Small. It’s a flash animated comedy programming, one of the cartoon network’s series. 

The series is currently available in four seasons. Likewise, Metalocalypse covers these genres; animation, comedy, adventure, and action. It’s a series that runs for 30 minutes at late-nights. If you are a lover of those or any of the genres, prepare to have fun with this series. It was aired from 2006 to 2013, and for those seven years, it earned extraordinary fame.

On the billboard top 200 list, this cartoon is included, and this is enough to let you know that the creator did a great job. The show is all about a modern metal band, and the major fictional band is such a fantastic figure in the show. Even though it’s no longer running, its fans are still hoping for its return. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the series will be back again.   


This list covers some of the best adult swim shows available today. Feel free to choose one or as much as possible that caught your fantasy.



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