My First Trip to a Nude Beach


First Time at a Nude Beach Experience

In case you are wondering what this is, let me label it as more of an individuality peregrination. It’s my anecdote (these are rare with me) not of a pastime I’d indulge in when am bored, but rather a self-identity discovery that highlights the journey to keep my selfhood in check.

Embracing unfamiliar modus vivendi is often met with renunciation, not only from conservative society at a fair large but also from the very familiar people we call friends and family.

My trek in time takes me all the way back to the late 90’s. The period when my childhood days slowly transcended to adulthood.

I hail from Glasgow, Montana, even though I fail to mention it to most people. Not that I have anything against the place, it’s one of the best places to live in Montana.

It is or rather used to be one of the few secluded towns in North America, and civilization back then wasn’t any different from the isolation.

This may have affected the general approach parents adopted in raising their children, especially the girl child.

Growing up as a teenage girl, my folks had a lot of expectations in me as their sole child and daughter, all which brought to my way lots of sanctioned bounds.

Regardless, I couldn’t care any less about the societal norms I had to abide by. The only do or don’t that really got me speculative throughout my adult life was with regard to dressing. Clothing.

The entire sodality impliedly and explicitly demanded of me to keep to terms with decency and modesty when it came to dressing codes.

Revealing a little too much of my body wasn’t right. It was abhorred and considered not only an extreme flaw in parenting but likewise a huge misfit of societal norms.

You were a stray that couldn’t be left to drift others the same path. According to me, this was somewhat gibberish.

In the course of synergy and consolidation with other girls my age, I realized it wasn’t a problem, as I thought, destined for a lone soul like I was, amidst the stretch of hills in the country, but a real individuality crisis that crushed the joy and freedom of many young women across Montana.

In my latter years, I’ve interacted with diverse personalities owing to the nature of my work. I’m many things, a health and fitness consultant, therapist and psychologist. In all the sessions with clients, my parting gesture has always been tangled in one particular controversy, are you modest? Whether or not, what’s your definition of modesty? What makes you modest?

On most occasions, it’s harder to find a prompt response, but when they come through, their insights tend to be overwhelmingly and insightfully revealing.

Of all the experiences I’ve had in life, none has been as fulfilling and self identifying as my first trip to a nude beach.

My friends and I love trying out new stuff. Most of us are free on weekends, so one Friday afternoon we are randomly talking about a getaway experience when Maria blatantly broaches, “Let’s go see the nude beach tomorrow, I’m sure it’s fun.”

Yeah, it was fun, and has even been more breathtaking since. My acquaintances know me too well to tell you about my happiest and freest moments in life. They’ll tell you visiting the nude beach ranks in the top two.

I don’t know how exactly my chums felt the first time we made the visit but for me, it was something new but familiar to explore. It had been buried deep down and I finally felt free.

 Even though I had chills the first day, the fever of excitement faded as I walked through washed sand with a whole other people in our natural suits. Au naturel. We weren’t doing anything special like saving the world, but we all felt the connection, and we were living life to the fullest.

A few were scuba diving, others relaxing in pools and some sunbathing. With time, I came to realize this wasn’t just a way of having fun, it was more than a hobby, it was a way of life.

 Nobody judged. Everyone of us, resplendent in our birthday gowns and nobody cared much about color, body, size, shape, we were all living the togetherness in one, which according to me, was not just remarkably awesome but very modest.



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