When a Guy Doesn’t Want to Sleep with You


Why a Guy Doesn’t Want to Sleep With You (Meaning)

When a guy is not interested in having sex, there are some things you will observe in his behavior, which will convince you that he does not want to get down with you. This might lead him to refuse you no matter what you do. 

In this article, we will be looking into some of the reasons or signs a guy may not want to sleep with you. 

Signs He Does Not Want to Sleep with you 

Below are a few signs that a man does not want to sleep with you. 

He avoids staying close to you 

When a guy doesn’t want to have sex with you, he will stay away from you most of the time. Any man who wants you will try to close the distance between you as frequently as possible. This allows him to initiate physical contact and perhaps have sex with you. 

If a guy constantly avoids staying around you or getting close to you, it’s a clear sign.

He avoids emotional discussions

This is another sign that a guy doesn’t want to have sex with you. He will do his best to make sure any emotional discussion does not occur between you. He will also avoid arguments that can arouse sexual urges at all costs.

For instance, when you’re talking, the emotional topics will come from you. When you bring it up, he will also keep switching to a casual conversation. He will continue with this until he can create some distance with you. 

This is a concrete sign he is not interested in sleeping with you.    

He avoids spending time with you   

A guy that doesn’t want to get down with you will prefer not to spend much of his time around you. He may visit you sometimes, but the visits could be short, and he will always seem in a hurry to leave.

Note that men hate to waste their time on people they know they have nothing in common with. The guy will always keep conversations short and straight to the point while speaking with you. 

Now that you know a few signs that can help, its time to learn some of the reasons this may be the case. 

Reasons He Does Not Want to Sleep with You 

His Heart Is Already Committed to Another Woman

When a guy you fall for is in love with another woman, there is no way he will develop an interest in you, not to talk of having sex. This is usually the case with most guys, at least. It happens is because he won’t have a considerable amount of enthusiasm for you due to the bond he shares with the other lady. 

Although some guys might give in to what you want, b majority or a few of them would not give in. So, it is possible that the guy you have a crush for is among those who don’t give in quickly on matters like that. 

He might have an emotional issue

Your crush might not want to get down with you if he has an unresolved emotional issue. Sex requires the use of your emotions and connections in the brain. If he has issues he is dealing with, sex with you will be the last thing on his mind. 

 For example, if he is in deep thought regarding some issues on his mind, and you come up to him intending to have sex, he may not be very responsive to you. He may even respond to you in a way that will hurt you and make you cry or put you to sleep. But once the emotional issue is resolved, this might change, and he may be more responsive. 

He may be dealing with medical problems 

The guy might be experiencing some medical problems which he does not want to tell you, either because he is afraid of losing you or doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. These issues might be the reason he has been avoiding sexual intimacy with you.

A couple of medical reports detail that there are times men will not be capable of having sex for a period in their lives, and such a period may be the time you entered his life. Due to this, he will be afraid of losing you to someone else and might not want to let you know.  

He is not ready to commit to a relationship 

When a guy does not want to have sex with you, it might result from him not wanting to commit yet. Sex is a type of commitment between two people, which can be in a mental, spiritual, or physical form, so it is essential one be ready before getting into such commitment with any lady. This could be the reason he doesn’t want to get down with you yet. For example, when some guys get interested in a lady and want to move the relationship to the next level, will not be after having sex with the lady. They will rather choose to find out how the relationship will add value to both of you. This will allow him to put on hold any carnal desires until he gets what he wants. 

He does not want you to see him as a player  

In some cases, men prefer to be on the safer side when it’s time for you to grade them. So, if he loves you truly and wants to make you believe he is in for a relationship, he would not want to sleep with you now. This is so he could take control of his emotions and avoid taking advantage of you. 

The guy will do this for you to not tag him as a player, and he will choose to remain like this for a period before he finally gets down with you. So, look out for this when a guy doesn’t get down with you.



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