Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books


Top Fine Tip Markers for Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring is one of the few inexpensive leisure activities that really help with relieving stress and anxiety. It also happens to be one of the few hobbies I love to engage in all day when I’m at home or on holiday all by myself.

For painters who’ve just started off, it’s usually hard to notice the distinction between average markers and the best ones that are specifically designed for use on adult coloring books.

When I began to put my liking for drawing into action, I acquired the normal markers from a stationery shop. I thought any pen would do but alas! How wrong I was.

It’s not until you purchase the best markers structured purposefully to draw and color adult books that you’ll come to terms with how significant and drastic your artwork will transform.

The conventional colors that we often used as kids to color would still do the same job but not the way it’s supposed to be. There’s nothing on this Earth that’s more fulfilling than knowing you’ve created a unique piece of art.

The more involved you become in your work the better the results and the more effective the process ultimately becomes at healing your body and mind.

To ensure you don’t waste much time looking for the perfect tools for your drawing adventures, we included a comprehensive buying guide and a list of the prime markers available for purchase.


Crayola painting pens are not only affordable but also designs that have proven to be excellent color options for adult books. The colorations these markers provide won’t end up bleeding the rest of your pages.

In terms of functionality and longevity, Crayola works and lasts for long. The tip is fairly durable to give users convenience when attempting picturesque shading. The marker is light and flexible on the hand. Your fore limbs won’t get tired of drawing.


  • The flesh accent is a tincture that’s hard to come by. It’s a color unique to this brand.
  • Tips of Crayola markers are durable. They are comfortable to work with and will create a more graphical shading.
  • The markers won’t bleed other pages.


  • The pen discharges a lot of ink. This may be a huge setback in case you work in thin sheets. The only solution is to work fast.

Aen Art

This is a dual-tip marker whose pricing is reasonably fair, considering the convenience that comes with a dual-tip pen. The model is a high-quality stationery whose tips are well designed depending on the purpose.

The finer tips are thin and precise whereas the brushing option is thick and wide enough to soak through paint easily. The finer tips are perfect for highlighting smaller sections of your drawing.

Both the brushes and tips will do a great job detailing or creating outlines on your work. The markers also work alternatively as designing elements for calligraphy.

The designs of the markers make them more versatile such that they can easily be switched to whichever side that’s best suited for the painting.


  • The dual-tip markers are the perfect items to use when drawing. The brush-like side and fine tip work interchangeably to clearly highlight outlines. They can also be used for calligraphy.
  • The variety of colors makes the markers versatile. The pens don’t fade easily and the pigments last.
  • They are affordable.
  • Materials used to make the markers are safe.


  • It takes long for the watery ink to coalesce into the paint job.

Shuttle Art

Arguably the brand with the highest number of marker colors, Shuttle Art has designed it’s tools to ensure users conveniently manage basic coloring as well as complex drawing.

A few unique hues were added to the collation. These include glitter accents, metallic colors and neon finishes. All these ensure the coloring processes are carried out with care and precision, thanks to their fine tips that give accurate shades.

The casings of the pens hold ink. These ones are transparent to show you how far the ink has gone. The fine apexes of the markers contribute to clear and more lucid coloration. The multifaceted nature of the designs allows you to use the pens to letter as well.


  • The tips are pointed. This makes the markers the perfect choices for fine art.
  • Shuttle Art is made of a large collection of unique colors.
  • The markers come with a storage case, you can use this to keep all the pens.
  • Transparency of the casing allows you to monitor how far your ink’s gone.


  • Some shades of neon and pastel aren’t as resplendent as the major colors.


The package comes with 100 coloring pens and a hundred additional cases fully packed with refills for the markers when they run out. Despite the inclusion of refills in the packaging, the markers aren’t overpriced.

You won’t be forced to acquire a new set when the ink is all used up. 100 different colors in one package is a great variety. Reaeon refills have been numbered according to their respective markers.

The sharp gratuities make the markers perfect for handling fine art. The pens work neatly and seamlessly to give you clean clear drawings on completion. Six unique colors were included to create the rainbow markers. You can’t find these anywhere else.


  • 100 colors and their respective refills gives you a wide variety that lasts long.
  • Unique colors create the six rainbow colors that are only found in these markers.
  • The labeling of refills makes it easier to match the colors.
  • These markers are affordable.


  • Some parts of the markers are made of plastic and are considerably of lower quality.

Crayola 58-6501

It’s quite easy to carry the Crayola package around. The case is small thus portable. Stuffing in a bag and moving anywhere with it won’t be cumbersome.

Crayola is packaged with 32 distinguishable colors. Each marker releases ink without difficulty. Additionally, the markers won’t bleed your paper.

These marker pens from Crayola last basically because they hold ink for long. One thing I love about this product is the ergonomic design of the markers. The models are comfortable on the hands. You can draw with them for as long as you want without experiencing fatigue.


  • The markers are contoured on the sides to give users a comfortable grip when drawing.
  • Crayola markers won’t bleed your paper.
  • It’s the most portable design. You can stuff it in a backpack and carry with you wherever you want to go.


  • The apexes are more pointed and hardly ideal for coloring bigger surfaces.

Factors you should consider when purchasing markers for adult coloring books


It’s important that you consider the precise numerical totals of the color shades being provided in the packages. A higher number of distinguishable colors enhances your creativity and gives you a better chance to outline each detail of your painting to make it more realistic.

However, you shouldn’t purchase a marker collation based on the numerical value alone. Some manufacturers include a substitute for every color, and this repetitive placement does not serve you any better. It’s just a way of making the colors last longer.

Before making a prompt run for attractive markers, ensure you’ve noted all the shades being offered in the package and the ones you need for coloration. Choose one that gives you a huge variety.

In case you aren’t too sure of the color variants, check the guide that’s usually attached to the front labeling. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer and request for a comprehensive guidebook.


The best markers should effortlessly create a vivid piece of art from elementary sketches. My recommendation is that you purchase a collection whose markers produce solid colors when put to work.

To add vibrancy to your painting, it’s advisable that you find a package with more colors to spare. Multi-colored packages easily produce unique colors you can always use to highlight the hues of more basic colors. Some examples of unique shades include neon, metal and glitter.

Marker tips and overall quality

Markers are available in two primary designs. The first is the types with brushes. These are used to create shades in sketches. Markers with finer tips are perfect for highlighting tones in smaller areas.

The most convenient options are the ones that are structured with dual tips. These have both brushes and fine tips on the ends.

When making your selection, keep in mind the element of flexibility. Dual-tipped markers are versatile because you can use either side to conveniently create the accent you need.

A flexible option saves you some money. However, in as much as you need to keep your drawing adventure pliable, ensure you’ve picked a quality model with a tip that doesn’t bend easily.

Durability is as significant as quality and flexibility. A marker that is less durable wears out fast. Ensure you’ve invested in a durable marker that will not tear off after a few sessions in use.


The watery coherence is usually a shade that dries easily but can’t be spread the same way. To easily deal with such inconsistencies, go for markers that aren’t stripy. It takes a lot of time to properly know how to achieve consistency, more particularly with insipid colors.

A marker that doesn’t pour too much ink on paper is the best option for any scenario. It won’t bleed on thin sheets of paper and will still keep aqueous consistencies in check.


We use our hands to draw. Characteristically, human limbs get tired. Nonetheless, anyone using a heavy or slippery marker is more likely to experience tiredness compared to a user with a well contoured model that’s easier to hold and firmer on the hands. 

Additionally, finding a user-friendly design is equally helpful.

Slippery markers often slide from your grip, particularly when the hands are more clammy.

A marker that doesn’t roll will be closer to the working table. Likewise, a pen whose cases are easily replaceable will be easier to prepare for use and keep away for storage.

In case some markers aren’t in use, keep them cased with their caps. They may lose ink when left open. They will dry.


When you’ve invested wisely by purchasing quality markers, you are left with no worries in mind, especially in relation to performance.

As noted earlier, premium markers are the best options in case you are planning on coloring for an eternity. All the same, you’ll be required to pay more for a premium model due to quality distinction from the lower priced markers.

A quality marker is more consistent. Alternatively, affordable markers are available and recommendable for starters. You can then slowly build your collection until you’ve developed a deeper need for the premium types.

Different categories of markers

  • Brush

Brush-tipped markers are designed to shade larger surfaces of sketchy works. They are easier to hold or control. Additionally, the brush soaks on ink easily and provides a smooth finish to any piece of art. Most of these measure 5 to 6 mm.

  • Fine

Finer tips are more pointed. They measure up to 4 mm and offer detailed demarcation on smaller parts of colorations. Besides, they can be used to create new dimensions on existing shades. Pointed models work better at lettering too.

  • Dual tip

These are designed with both brush and fine tips on the sides of the marker, to give you an easy time working on your art.

  • Gel

These markers use ink that has the same properties as gel. They are more vibrant and their consistency is indifferent from that given by writing markers.

  • Watercolor

A watercolor marker is more fluid. It perfectly creates a watery consistency when used.


Markers too, like most products, need to be cared for. Maintaining them requires users to clean from time to time. Preferably, use a case or an enclosed box to store them. Keep the caps closed to prevent the ink from evaporating.

We reviewed and picked the Crayola markers as the best options for adult coloring books. The markers will add resplendence to your final pieces of work.

Crayola marker pens won’t bleed the pages of coloring books and will last for long. The apexes are remarkably durable,  and the shades comfortably support the coloration of light as well as dark accents.

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