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If you have been searching for the best adult cartoons to crack you up so hard, you are in the right place. In this post, you will know the best adult cartoons to watch, either recent or old ones. Be sure of one thing, the cartoons on this list will create an unforgettable amusing scene in your mind, and will be certain to help relax and enjoy yourself all through. 

Happy Tree Friends

Happy Tree Friends is created in the USA by Rhode Montijo, Aubrey Ankrum, and Kenn Navarro. This adult cartoon is one of the oldest, and it was released on December 24th, 1999. It’s a seasonal cartoon consisting of five complete seasons.

This is an adult cartoon that would look like one for kids first glance. But beyond that, it’s a lovely cartoon that’s full of violence and frequent killings. It narrates the story of some creatures that made a wrong decision, which landed them in a terrible and irreversible situation.

Paradise PD

Paradise PD is an adult cartoon created by Roger Black and Waco O’Guin. It was released a few years back on August 31st, 2018. This is a consecutive season that presently stopped at season 1. Season 2 of this cartoon is currently in progress.

You will be introduced into a storyline that’s is one of the best. This fictional cartoon represents a world where corruption has eaten deep into almost everywhere; the cops most especially. Well, in reality, they are not bad, but here, they are. This is an adult cartoon worth spending hours to watch on Netflix.  

The Venture Bros

The Venture Bros is a not too old series of adult cartoons. Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick are the creators of this fantastic cartoon. They started the first series on August 7th, 2004. Presently, it’s available from season 1 – season 7. 

Doc and Jackson haven’t stopped working on it since it’s one of the most extended original series in the adult cartoon category.

It’s one of the best that you won’t stop streaming. This cartoon is full of action and has great comedy. The story is about a particular family’s saga.  All the family members have a unique role to play which makes it more interesting. 

South Park

Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the creators of this adult cartoon series. It kicked off on August 13th, 1997. Amazingly the series is now available in 23 series. As long and old as it is, it’s still full of fun vibes. If you haven’t seen this series before now, you need to do so. 

This is a sought-after adult cartoon that will have a positive impact on you while you will also laugh your lungs out.  The storyline covers so many meaningful episodes that will always catch you unaware. For example, the handful of foul-mouthed kids that have been offering a significant impact on society through this adult cartoon. That’s one out of the many great things to say about it.    

King of the Hill

King of the hill is a USA adult cartoon that is created by Greg Daniels and Mike Judge. They started this series a very long time ago, on January 12th 1997.  It has 13 seasons to date. This animation series was available on Fox all through before it ended. 

The storyline illustrates Hank Hill, a salesman, his amazing family, and his quirky neighbors. The story will get you giggling and laughing at your best. It’s such an impressive adult cartoon for you to see. 

Family Guy

Family guy is created in the USA by Seth Macfarlane. It started on January 31st, 1999. This seasonal adult cartoon is currently at its 18th season. 

Its an excellent old fashion cartoon for you to see if you love old fashion settings. This adult cartoon has gained many people’s love and admiration. This is because Seth MacFarlane killed it with so many fantastic humorous scenes and characters. 

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua teen hunger force was created by Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis on December 30th 2000. It was concluded at its 21st season.  

Looking at its title, one may take it for a children’s cartoon, but that is not true. It’s a fantastic iconic adult cartoon that has it’s characterized by a lot of amazing features. One of these features is the lively theme song. All the seasons and its feature film are very loveable.  

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, is an adult cartoon created by Erik Richter and Michael Ouweleen. It kicked started on December 30th 2000. It’s available in complete four seasons.

The cartoon places focus on a character that could be compared to Harvey Birdman, the former superhero. This character reinvented himself, and he appears as an attorney. The character has a handy of duty to attend to, which will make you laugh so much. Eric stopped releasing it in 2007, but he briefly came back on board in 2018 with the title “Harvey Birdman, Attorney General.” Since then, there has not been a new series from it. 

Samurai Jack

Genndy Tartakovsky is the creator of this seasonal adult cartoon that started on August 10th 2001. This series has ended as a complete five season adult cartoon in the USA.

The story is excerpted from different cultural impacts, and this as a story to tell about the character Samurai Jack. He traveled back through the time to save the world in this series. Asides this, the visuals are so beautiful and colorful. Although this series stopped about 13 years ago, it reappeared in 2017 to finally wrap things up.   

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burger was released on January 9th 2011, and it was created by Loren Bouchard. The series is available in 10 seasons, even to date.

The unusual storyline of this funny and lively series is about Bob, who owns a burger joint, hence the title “Bob’s Burger.” In this series, its either Bob is dealing with one of his close-by competitors in the business, or he is handling his family. You will as well enjoy the constant music and dance feature along with the signature visual style. 


Squidbillies started on the 16t of October 2005. Its creators are Dave Willis and Jim Fortier, who are based in the USA. The series is of 12 seasons, and it’s still ongoing.

This is an adult cartoon that you shouldn’t miss if you indeed want to relax with a contemporary storyline that will as well crack you up. The creators chose the mountains of Georgia as the location of the story where the characters (anthropomorphic hillbilly mud squids) reside throughout. 

Not to forget the character of a foul-mouthed alcoholic patriarch that is always insulting all members of his family. It’s a hilarious show anoyone can enjoy. If you previously had no love for adult cartoons before, this particular one will win you over.


Matt Groening, the creator of this recent adult cartoon, released the first season in 2018 on August 17th. Presently the series is still in the first season. Matt is co-creating this series for Netflix; this is to prove the awesomeness of Disenchantment. 

The lively storyline so far is about a princess who is addicted to alcohol. She went on so many adventures, which made her path to cross with a demon called Luci and Elfo, an elf. Matt Groening’s signature animation style is revealed in this series, and it’s lovely.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is also an adult cartoon created by Matt Groening. It was released on December 17th 1989. Presently, this adult cartoon is available in 31 complete seasons. It’s first nine to ten seasons made it the top-ranked show.

The Simpsons depicts the escapades of Bart, Maggie, Marge, Lisa, and Homer. This series is satirical and very funny. Although it’s an old cartoon, it’s timeless and one of the best of its kind in the industry. In all honesty, Matt Groening did a great job with this adult cartoon series. 


Brickleberry is released in the year 2012, on September 25th. It was created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, who is based in the USA. This adult cartoon is available in the complete three seasons. 

This adult cartoon storyline was an inspiration from Daniel Tosh, a comedy star. He gave the idea to the creators of this adult cartoon when he was at the peak of his career. 

Nevertheless, the setting of this series is Brickleberry National Park. The story uses idiosyncratic park rangers as the cast. They are meant to be involved in so many subversive tactics in an exciting manner.

The Boondocks

The boondocks is an adult cartoon created by Aaron Mcgruder, who released it in 2005 on November 6th. The series is of 4 seasons. Presently, this series is still waxing strong. 

The theme of this adult cartoon covers the happenings in the society. The story focusses on a black family that moved into an all-white community. The Boondocks showcases the rage of racism in the society back in the days and now in a modern American setting.

Before you start seeing this series, expect lots of explicit languages and a high level of comedy. 


If you have been hunting for the best adult cartoons, you must have realized there are lots of them. This could have been an issue, but not anymore. Any of these adult cartoons we have shown you on this list would do for a fun filled experience.



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