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Animes have existed for quite a while. They, however, are beginning to enjoy a new wave of popularity. As anime popularity increase, there has been an increased demand for adult anime. There are lots of reasons for the increased popularity of adult anime. One of these many reasons is Netflix’s interest in the adult anime industry.

Since adult animes became very popular out of Japan, Japanese studios have not relented in producing top quality animes. This makes it quite difficult to select the best adult anime. If you are rapidly becoming an adult anime fan and are not sure what the best adult animes are, you do not have to worry. Contained in this article are the best adult animes of all time. They are;


This anime is a combination of supernatural, horror, romance and demon and MADHOUSE is in charge of its production. Although quite underrated, Kemonozume is an anime that everyone should take out time to watch.

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider

This anime is a blend of three genres. They are thriller, psychological, and mystery. There are lots of amazing things about this series. However, one thing about it that attracts lots of people is its opening theme song. 

Lots of people begin watching this anime without so many expectations. However, when they begin watching it, they find it to be very captivating. 

In this anime, Moe Nishinosono and Saikawa get to a remote island. Their aim of going to this island is to connect with Shiki Magata, a popular genius. On their arrival, there is a murder. No one is able to tell who the murderer is and this leads to an amazing story.


Castlevania can be classified under four genres. These genres are action, fantasy, horror, and vampires. This anime has four episodes and had Netflix in charge of its first production. While these anime does not have a lot of episodes, fans can be expectant as more episodes will be rolled out soon. This is because of the great response from viewers.

Castlevania is not just noted for its character design, it is also characterized by an intriguing story. If you are comfortable with bloodshed and violence, this adult anime is one you will consider very great.

Tokyo Ghoul

This series is about Kaneki Ken, a guy that becomes half-human and half-ghost suddenly. It is very popular and there is a huge likelihood that you already know about it. With this adult anime, you cannot be on the fence. It is either you hate it or you love it. That’s not all. You could also love one season of this adult anime and hate another.

Contained in Tokyo Ghoul season 4 is about 120 chapters and certain people are not comfortable with it. Nonetheless, for those that do not mind having up to 120 chapters in one series, Tokyo Ghoul is an anime you will definitely love to watch.

Nande KoKo ni Sensei ga?

This adult anime is a romance manga written by author Soborou. It is an anime about a romance between a student, Ichiro Satoru and Kana Kojima, his teacher. This anime is an erotic comedy that is good for people that are interested in watching silly animes. 

Beyond just looking for silly romantic comedy, if you are interested in animes based on perfected situations between a teacher and a student, Nande KoKo ni Sensei? Is an anime you need to consider watching.

Sounen Desu Ka? (Are you lost?)

This adult anime belongs to three genres. They are Seinen, Comedy, and Adventure. It is a story surrounding Mutsu Amtan, Asuka Suzumori, Shion Kujou, and Homare Onishima. These students went on a school trip and in the course of this trip, they got stranded. While stranded, Mutsu, Asuka, and Shion are terrified and desperate.

Although her friends are worried, Homare remained cool and calm and decides to be in charge of her other friends. She was able to do this because of the time she spent with her father. In this anime, Homura gets used to the environment like it is nothing new. Nonetheless, you will need to watch it to find out her friends’ chances of adapting to the environment.


Thus anime series is not one that a lot of people have seen. Nonetheless, its opening has received a lot of praises. There is a huge likelihood that you will fall in love with this series if you watch its opening. 

Kokkoku has a bit of time manipulation and that can keep everyone glued to their television screen. 

People that love mystery, seinen, and drama will definitely enjoy watching this anime. It begins with Tsubasa and Makoto getting kidnapped. In other to free Tsubasa and Mokoto, the kidnappers request for a huge sum of money from the Yusawa family. This family has a very short time to provide the money. They, therefore, decide to get into a time-frozen world.

No Guns Life

The major character in this anime is  Juuzou Inui. Beyond being the major character in this anime, he is also an Extended. An extended is a huna that has made use of cyborgmatriakls in replacing  some human parts. As an Extended, Juuzou’s head was replaced with a gun.

In this anime, Juuzou meets a stranger that was an Extended. This atrnger was running from the authorities because he kidnapped a child. For reasons best known to him, Juuzou helps this strange man and gets caught up in some very complicated.


Claymore perfectly mixes supernatural, fantasy, action, and adventure. This, therefore, makes it an ideal show for people that love the above-mentioned genres. This show is about a world that is inhabited by demons. These demons enjoy eating humans and they are called Youma. To prevent Youmas from being in total control, Claymores come into the scene to put an end to the dominance of these demons. Claymores are part-Youma and part human and are basically saddled with the responsibility of getting every Youma out of the scene.

In this anime, a certain Claymore known as Clay saves Raki’s village after demons kill his family and banish him. Since Clay saved Raki, he makes up his mind to move around with her as she goes on her mission to take demons out of the scene. While on this mission, Clay and Rika get to know a lot about each other.


This is a blend of drama, supernatural, horror, and sci-fi. This anime is no doubt very interesting. It, however, is not suitable for everyone. If you are weak-hearted, you simply need to avoid watching it. In this anime, you will come across rape, gore, and a great deal of violence. While some people are comfortable with adults going through violence, this anime does not just portray adults being assaulted. It also has kids going through a lot of violence.

Although this is an anime that is worth checking out, it is not perfect. You, therefore, might come across certain flaws.

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

This anime series has a story that most people will find intriguing. It, however, is not as highly rated as a lot of other animes. One reason this show is not as highly rated as a lot of other animes is that it contains lots of torture and sexual scenes.

To lots of people, Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne is simply torture porn. Its story is focused on two daughters of Mnemosyne. They are detective girls and are immortal. These daughters of Mnemosyne go through a great degree of violence and torture.

Although characterized by violence, if you are comfortable with horror, you will definitely be comfortable with all that this anime has to offer.


This anime series was created to favor females. It is a blend of sports, school, drama, game, and josei. Unlike lots of animes that are associated with a great deal of violence, Chihayafuru is a lot of fun to watch and can be enjoyed by the weak-hearted.

This anime features good animation and art. That’s not all, It also features a good storyline and likeable characters.

Deadman Wonderland

Deadman wonderland is unique and combines horror, sci-fi, action, and prison. Although this anime is considered by many to be an amazing anime, it does not have a second series. The implication of this is after watching the first season, you will need to read the manga to know what happened in season two.

Deadman Wonderland is not perfect. Nonetheless, it is a show you are certainly going to enjoy watching. It is a story focused on Ganta Igarashi. In this story, the main character is convicted of the murder of his classmates. Although he has no understanding of what transpired, he is sent to prison for murder.

Shigurui Death Frenzy

Shigurui combines seimen, samurai, martial arts, drama, and historical, It is characterized by superb animation and amazing design and art. Furthermore, a lot of attention was focused on the design of the characters in this anime. That’s not all. The story of this anime also very captivating.

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