What Does It Mean When A Man Touched Your Breast While Kissing You?


Meaning of Touching Your Boob When Kissing

The breast is an essential part of a woman’s body. It serves various purposes, but its primary aim is to breastfeed babies. Asides its primary objective, the breast is also a vital ingredient in romance. In both cases, the breast gets sucked.

Almost everyone must have sucked breast in their lifetime, either from their mother as a kid or from their girlfriend or wife as an adult. The breast has never disappointed in giving the suckers some joy and satisfaction.

This writing focuses on the essence of breasts to adults. The love affair between female breasts and men started a long time ago and is still prevalent even in current times. 

Some guys love breasts so much they cannot do without touching or sucking it. In most cases, touching of the breast does not happen suddenly. It is often preceded by kissing. While it is possible to kiss without touching the breast, most guys love to touch their girlfriend’s breast while kissing them.  

Kissing is a show of emotion that is generally between two people who are in love or a relationship. However, some people kiss even when they are not in love, but there has to be at least a few bits of attraction between both persons.

Ladies often ask and wonder why a guy touches their breast while kissing them. This article seeks to explain what it means and offer insight on it. There are many ways to explain it, carefully read and assimilate so that you get to know why a man fondles your breast while kissing you. 

  • When a man touches your breast while kissing you, it is usually a sign to tell you that he desires more than just the kiss. So your response to the touches will determine if he will go further or not because a good man will require your approval and respect your decision.
  • It might be a way to stimulate you further and put you in the mood for something more intense, intimate, and romantic. The touch is believed to spark your urge to desire for more.
  • it means that you have known each other for quite long, and you communicate well. Touching your breast will show you how much he feels to be with you.
  • It is a sign of intimacy, which sometimes doesn’t lead to sex. But in most cases, it leads to sex.
  • Some guys naturally find it difficult to keep their hands off your breast while kissing you. Moreover, in some instances, when you both are high, he might not be able to control his hands unless you push him away or stop him from touching you.
  • When he touches your breast while kissing you, it means that your breast is attractive and enticing, and he got attracted to the look of the breast. This happens when both partners are in a relationship and very close to each other.

Seeing you around him will always make him have his eyes and mind around your body and your breast, which will make him long to touch you.

  • Another reason he may touch your breast when he is kissing you is that he wants more of your attention. He knows that touching your breast will catch your attention.

The guy wants you to know how he feels and what he wants at that moment, so he tries to turn you on to get more.

  • Guys easily get turned on by breast, so he might touch yours while kissing just to feel good for him for the moment.

Reasons Why Guys Love Breasts

  • Breasts are created beautifully, curved, round, and attractive. Although guys have breasts too, it is nothing compared to a lady’s breast in its glory.
  • Breasts complete a woman. It’s seen as part of a woman’s beauty, and it gives the woman figure. This explains why most men prefer ladies with big breasts. It goes further to prove how fertile a woman is and that she can feed her children. So most men will consider this in case they end up marrying the lady.
  • Breasts are so soft and succulent and can be used as pillows for guys, especially lovers. 
  • Guys love breast because it has signs inherent in it. For example, when the nipple on the breast rises, it shows that the woman is in the mood. 
  • Some guys love breasts because they are perfect for touching. It even gives a guy the urge to touch it. Breasts turn men on. Guys are crazy about a woman’s breast. 
  • The first thing that captures a man’s attention when he sees a lady is the breast; he feels a kind of comfort merely looking at it. If a guy has had a bad day at work and sees breast, his thinking changes, and he gets comforted. 

Because of this, some guys go miles to get to see a naked breast. Some even end up paying exorbitant fees in strip clubs or call girls to see and touch their breasts. 

  • Another reason guys love women’s breasts is that they are very sensitive in a woman’s body. So they believe that once they get to touch it, they break the woman’s line of defense and get her in the mood. The breast has the highest romantic mood. It is capable of changing the romantic atmosphere and move up to another high point, especially when it gets sucked.
  • Breasts are mysteries to men. When a guy meets a lady, he longs to caress her breast. He is thinking of how it would feel to suck or play with the breast. This fascination alone gives some men a feeling of satisfaction, even if they do not eventually touch the breast. The fascination goes on for long throughout a man’s lifetime.
  • Breasts are a vital part of foreplay. When stimulated, romanced, or sucked, it gets the woman aroused. 
  • Breast enhance some sex positions.
  • Men love it because it comes in pairs. Lovely together and working as a team

The importance of breasts cannot be overemphasized. It is a gateway to getting a woman turned on.



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