How My Husband Made Me a Submissive Wife


Submissive Wife Stories – Spank & Discipline Me

A rose? I wondered with a simple smile as I paced to the dining room where atop the table, a rose flower lay on its back. It was a beautiful crimson red, freshly cut and neatly wound in a deep, black ribbon. I looked around the table as I slowly picked it up. No note, nothing but the rose. I wondered what Jack had he been up to.

My husband had sure not forgotten our tenth-year anniversary. Yes, we had been together for ten years; a stretch of love and good sex―they were good times. And while often I would find myself a little tight-up, Jack always found a way to loosen my knots, one at a time, as gently. It was always clear when I was moaning on my back with my thighs uncontrollably raised in convulsions.

I gazed at the rose in my hand after passing it over my nose. It was beautiful. I went around to the kitchen and heated up some coffee. Where was he? Such mornings when he would leave for errands, I would wake up inexplicably horny. Reminiscing his touch on my body, and wanting him back inside me. The mere thought of Jack would keep me restless, and I’d stare at the dialling phone which if goes unanswered, I’d inevitably have to head to our room where I had stacked my old toys and calm the nerves down there a little.

Was that his intention today? To keep me thinking? Guessing? Missing? Wanting? Well, it was working, and my body was heating up. I made my way to our bedroom with a half-full mug. I placed it on the bedside cabinet, and that’s when I saw it―a white sheet peeping out of one of the drawers. It had not been there before, I thought. Jack must have been busy, and cheeky.

I pulled it out carefully, the sheet, and it was a letter, neatly folded. I checked what was in it, and it read in Jack’s beautiful scribble:

Tonight, I’ll remind you that you’re mine.

I couldn’t control the smile. His “I love you”s had always been beautiful; but the way “you’re mine” would make me weak on the knees! I couldn’t help but touch my chest, then slowly slid one hand to my breast. I could almost feel thick fluid flow between my thighs. I passed my other hand over them, and that felt heated up. I criss-crossed my legs, slid the other hand behind my back to feel my ass, then squeezed it lightly. I remembered his touch, and could almost feel him there.

I slid out of my night dress and quickly walked my naked body to the bathroom. I switched the shower on and felt the rush of warm water over my aroused body, my three fingers ready to rip the life from my sex. I moaned lightly. A knock suddenly came on the front door, which would have been a major turn off if Jack’s voice had not thundered soon after.

“Honey?” Jack called. It was still 11, I supposed, but the thought of him razed my mind and made my knees weaker as I made to the door, naked and wet as I was. He was back at a perfect time, an unexpected time, and a time I had just got fired up.

“All dressed up, I see!” Jack said.

“You’re just in time for the party.” I answered.

I always liked his sense of humour. His lips reached out to mine, his hand supporting me on the back, while his other slammed the door behind him. Jack turned me lightly by the shoulders, then came behind me, his warm breath hitting my neckline and smashing me with desire. His right hand then grabbed my wet ass, his fingers sliding through its crack as he squeezed. His left grabbed the other, pulling me lightly to the side, and my wet betweens dripped.

We staggered to the bathroom, his clothes off by the time we got there. His thrusts over my bent back caused light moans as I felt his every inch fill me with pleasure. As the rhythm rose, I couldn’t hold the convulsions with the intense orgasmic feeling washing through my entire body. I felt weak, pleasured, but still in need of his body. I was not done feeling him.

“Fuck me harder,” I begged.

And every stroke in and out of my wet flesh made my body throb with affection. We couldn’t help but move the party into our bedroom. And it was a beautiful day for sex, one I would remember for weeks. How I longed for the next time he would play his cheeky, unexpected games. He was always unpredictable, and that added more flavor!



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