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Erotic comics have gained fame over time among adults who like reading and those who don’t.  If you have a long weekend at your disposal and you would like a fun way of passing the time, perhaps these comics can do the trick for you.

Recent studies have shown that over seventy percent of adult comic readers have recorded an increase in their libido. Some of these comics are creatively compiled in a manner that will get you in the mood.

Even though these products are seen to be erotic, they differ from other adult contents in their delivery. I personally love them for their twisted adventurous stories. I have reviewed five of the best products that every adult comic lover must-read.

The Invitation

This comic by Incase features William loving III, a scientist who discovers an artifact that eventually brings total transformation in his life and that of his wife, Annie. The story begins with William acquiring an artifact from a curio peddler in the city of London.

Upon receiving the artifact, he uses his expertise to translate the artifact’s instructions, which upon implementations, brings sudden transformations to his life. He first observes a change in his physical appearance with his body hair vanishing off, followed by an overnight hair elongation.

As days progress, his body and mind keep changing in preparation for the “master’s” arrival. His desires build-up, and when the master finally arrives, he and his fiancé end up being servants to the master.

Can An Otaku Like Me be An Idol

 The above mentioned comic book by Wacoco Waco’s is one of those comics that will leave you wanting some more. Creatively plotted for comic readers into boys, the story is about Suzuki, a boy who leads a double life.

To many, he is just but a boring otaku scholer who does not have much to offer even to Hayakawa, his secret crush. What everyone doesn’t know is that in his double life, Suzuki dresses up as a Rumepi, a well-known Japanese Icon.

Things get interesting when Suzuki finds out that his crush has a thing for idols, and then Hayakawa gets to know of his secret about living a double life. You will be amazed by the lengths Suzuki has to win the love of his crush when he takes up his challenge to be an idol.

Smut Peddler

The third must-read comic on our list is the smut peddler by Iron Circus Comic. Most adult comics are tailored to suit a particular group of readers. However, the smut paddler is a series comic book that covers many areas. You can’t miss a story or two that will fill your heart with desire.

The smut peddler is a take over from its preceding smut paddler micro-comic series and has since gained traction. With this constantly updated series, you are always guaranteed to have something to warm you up.

The series features several stories by different creators. Most comics in this series revolve around love, relationships, and sex, to name a few. All these comics have different plots featuring different sexualities, genders. Some even have robots as characters!


In her Crossplay comic, Niki Smith demonstrates a perfect blend of erotica and professionalism. Hers is the ultimate read for any crossplayer, conventions lovers, and geeky comic lovers. Her work takes the adult comic industry to a whole new level.

The comic features seven friends in a convention, in a rather interesting manner. In a strange twist, the convention gets to crossplaying where casts dress like opposite sexes giving them a chance to explore their sexualities, fetish desires, and fantasies in unimaginable ways.

One of the things I appreciate about this comic is its detailed graphical appeal. It is impressive how Niki smith uses drawing to tell her story. It is so moving that you can almost live casts’ experiences and pleasures.

She mostly uses purple, black, and white patches to draw nude bodies. Her images are so accurate that they can easily fill your mind with naughty thoughts. Whether you are a couple or a solo reader, you can be assured that this book will light up an insatiable hunger for adult comics in you.


Tina Horn, in her SFSX (Safe-Sex), has found a way of changing the perception of sex workers from immoral beings to human people who are more than sex objects. This beautifully crafted comic is a tale of an artist and a sex worker who inspires a revolution fighting for sex workers’ rights.

The story revolves around Avory, the protagonist, and Jones, her partner, who also doubles as the leader of Dirty Mind, a sex joint where peoples’ erotic and sexual desires are quenched. Tina starts her comic with a nice flashback on how the two meet.

The two meet at the joint when Avory, then a shy girl, comes to shoot an explicit video. He quickly reaches out to her, and the two hit it off boldly. Things turn sour when Jones is arrested by an oppressive government that fights sex workers and their lifestyle. She struggles to free him.


I have been an adult comic fan ever since I was old enough to get access to them. Over the years, I have read hundreds of them some worth the time others not so much. Whether you are a seasoned comic reader or are just looking to try them out, I highly recommend The Invitation to you by Incase. 

This exciting comic about a scientist discovers an artifact that transforms him and his fiance into sex slaves for a mysterious master. The comic depicts a dedicated character who, after being made fun of for his inferior ‘capabilities,’ seeks to remedy the situation.

His relentless search for a solution to his problem puts him in a somewhat twisted position to serve as a master’s object of pleasure. The creator of this masterpiece vividly describes the transformations using detailed images that will leave you craving more. You have to read it.



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