College was such an amazing time. However I don’t quite remember college being filled with so many drunk girls willing to do anything as long as there was a camera on them. Well since we can’t go back to college now at least we can live vicariously through the lives of current college students.

Every day college students get out their flip cams or iPhone 5’s and record themselves fucking each other. It’s not only celebrities who make sex tapes or married couples at home. But college students are making their own sex tapes at an alarming rate. What’s behind all this? Well aside from the fact that it’s fun to see yourself fucking, Dare Dorm is paying thousands of dollars each week to the best amateur college sex tape.

With college students being as poor as they are you can imagine just how badly these sorority girls and frat guys want to win the contest. This means that the end result is some great college sex tapes. Take the girls above for example, they are just average amateur 18 and 19 year old college freshman and sophomores. They are from the Midwest and have never showed their boobies to anyone, not even their sisters. Now look at them, going topless and lezzing out with each other in front of the entire internets.

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