There’s a new site that’s just been released and it’s Can He Score. This site has regular guys going out with real pornstars on a blind date. Cameras follow them around as they grab a quick bite to eat, play around at the park and then hit the jacuzzi. Unlike the Blind Date tv show, this is a reality porn site with no bleeps or pixelation. Things can sometimes get real heated as the horny guys try to seduce a pornstar. The question remains though, can he score?

We all know all fraternities have their initiation processes. But more and more they’re turning gayer and gayer. Usually the college guys have to humiliate themselves in front of their frat buddies. Well at Haze Him, they take things to another level. There’s a whole bunch of straight guys actually sucking dick and getting fucked in their dorm rooms, while all their buddies (and even girlfriends) watch. College guys are encouraged to send in their own homemade sex tapes and cash in on their big weekly prize. This site comes to you from the same group who brought you Dare Dorm and GF Revenge.

There’s a new site that’s just been released by the folks at Reality Kings. This one is GF Revenge. It features only real homemade content that is completely user-submitted. Many of the pics and vids were stolen from Facebook or hacked from Myspace accounts. There’s more ex gf stuff at our amateur teens resource page.

cruelty party porn pros

You’ve seen what girls do at stripper parties, but what about if the girls are total freaks? They host a Cruelty Party. This unsuspecting male stripper thinks he’s going to perform a show in front of these beautiful ladies, but they’ve got something else in mind. At this new site, women are going to torture and humiliate male strippers by sitting on their face, torturing their cock and balls, and then by jerking them off by force.

college girls fucking at frat parties

$5,000 goes weekly to the top college party. The winners (and losers) get posted on College Rules. Frat guys around the country are putting together wild parties filled with endless kegs, truth or dare games, beer pong and of course the hottest sorority sluts in town. So instead of going to class and getting a part time job, these college students are putting together the wildest house parties they can throw.

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The girls are young, they are totally sober and completely out of control in this new party girl site. The action is real hot here as college girls completely lose all their inhibitions when they stop drinking. This new site has college games like truth or dare, strip poker, spin the bottle and soda pong. There are backyard barbecues, Halloween parties and toga parties. These sorority sluts can even end up having sex on a pool table and letting a group of horny frat guys feel them up and gangbang them. Oh and you can try it out for a buck.

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Ever watch a Japanese gameshow? I love how crazy they get. Well how about a porn game show, that’s what Kobe Surprise is. Here’s how it works, a couple of hot Asian girls, totally amateurs off the street, perform some random sex acts and get paid big money. Some of the stuff they do are things like give a lonely loser his first blowjob, flash in public places or compete with their girlfriend to see who can make a guy cum first. These girls are always shy to start but soon enough show their true colors.


There’s this new site just out from the Porn Pros that’s all about nude massages. They’ve previously made sites about sleep sex, squirting and bondage but this one takes the cake. We’re talking about inviting girls over to give them a full body massage that turns into an erotic nude massage. Once the girls are relaxed the guys have them in the palm of their hand. The site is called Massage Creep and it’s filled with male masseuses having sex with their clients. It’s all there, from the camera catching them undressing nude to the guys rubbing their tits, stomach, ass and finally pussy.


For years Adult Everything has had a Porn For Women section listing the most popular sites. Well never before has it received as much attention as today, when Oprah held a show discussing porn for women. I watched with enthusiasm and glee as porn for women is finally hitting the mainstream.

What the show proved was what I already knew, women watch porn. In fact, recent surveys have found that 1 in 3 women watch porn. Since I’m an adult webmaster I have access to data and I’m not surprised when I see females subscribing to porn sites anymore.

So what did we learn from the show? Well the most important fact that came out of it for me was the answer to this question: What do women want in porn? The answer is: to be desired. It’s not big cocks or big tits or anything visual at all. That was surprising. So to all the aspiring porn producers out there, if you want to market to women, create storylines where the woman is the object of the man’s affection and you’ll certainly sell to a whole new and untapped market. And a final tip to guys, if you want to find a porn movie for you and your wife or girl to watch, make sure it’s not something titled cumshot fever 9 or something along those lines 🙂

The best porn site I’ve found that were geared towards women is: For The Girls.


The same old vanilla porn gets boring after a while and Adult Everything likes to show you something different every now and then. This next site is an amateur site that’s focused on real ex girlfriends. Luckily for us amateur doesn’t mean ugly, it means just no pornstars. What’s good about this site is that the quality of the images is really good and they all come with videos too. The site is called I Know That Girl and as it’s not been publicly released just yet, you’re the first to see it here.


When Charley Chase walked into the gym today wearing a little top and skin tight gym shorts, her personal trainer knew she wanted attention from him. Sure they always flirted, but today they were going to take their personal work out to another level. One minute he was innocently helping her out trying new workout positions and the next she starts blurting out comments about new sex positions she’s heard her girlfriends talk about. Well what else could this gym employee from The Real Workout do but get a big boner. Big dicks like that are hard to hide in gym shorts so she noticed his erection! The workout continued but she wanted her pussy to be pounded so she could burn a lot of calories. In the end, both of them had tried a few new sexual positions and were both fucking exhausted. This was their best workout ever.


This is Kitty Bella, a 19 year old college freshman. She has long dark hair, a great smile and sweet natural tits that will make your mouth water. Let’s not forget she has a cute booty too. Sure she wasn’t the smartest tool in the shed but she was one of the hottest teens to come by Her Freshman Year to get an education in sex. Her first interview was quite revealing, as we all learned about how she loves to party and that she’s never done anything in front of a camera before, much less with a stranger. When she finally lost her top we nearly lost our minds, her huge tits were so soft and all natural too. Who could blame this guy for titty-fucking her. In the end, this first time college freshman got a nice facial and a few hundred bucks to help pay her tuition.


Pornstar Nikki Benz catches her female co-worker looking at a lesbian porn magazine while at work in the office. She finds it fucking gross and these two girls begin to argue. That’s when their busty boss Lexi Tyler overhears them arguing. Well you see, Lexi finds the magazine sexy and she gets all horny about it. She wants nothing more than to have Nikki’s wet tongue inside of her wet pussy. At first Nikki resists, but she finally gives in to Lexi’s dominating seduction techniques. This truly is a lesbian woman in charge. This all happens at Brazzers new site: Hot And Mean.


You really can’t get much more up close and personal than this. There is a fetish out there called the smothering and facesitting fetish. This niche is all about girls sitting on guys faces. Whether it’s a facefull of ass or a face full of pussy these guys are after, face-sitting accomplishes that. Now let’s take this another step further – how about BBW facesitting? Well for the fat women of Facesitting Fatties they do just that. Hold your breath and take a look at what these ladies do. Some of the videos are so fucked up, these chicks totally sit their fat asses on a man’s face as they squirm for air.


So what’s the point in getting married if you’re just going to go out with your girlfriends and suck a strangers cock? Apparently this whore is having second thoughts about her wedding already. She went out with her girlfriends for a night out on the town, a night of fun and excitement. One of them had the brilliant idea to go hit up a male strip club. They had no idea about what really goes on behind closed doors at these strip shows.

Before they knew it a few naked guys came out and started swinging around their cocks like helicopters right in front of their face. The shy ones turned red and looked away but the wild party girls got involved in the action. The new bride got all the attention though. The whole gang was shocked to see this horny new bride see a cock and suck a cock. Her eyes were wide open staring at this big dick placed right in front of her face. What else was she to do but suck stripper cock.

All the girls who go to these shows are amateur college girls or horny housewives going out with their friends. None of them know about the Dancing Bear website and most of them don’t even know there’s a camera video-taping them while they cheat on their husbands and boyfriends. It’s truly shocking to see what girls do when they think no one’s watching.


The folks over at Porn Pros have done it again with the release of their latest humiliated themed site. This time the theme is cumshots – big cumshots. Here’s how some of these Cum Disgrace episodes go: This girl gets fucked first and then gets thrown in a cage, she was forced to suck cock and then take a massive facial, all while her so called girlfriend was slapping her face and enjoying seeing this bitch destroyed and humiliated with a cum bukakke. Another bitch was thrown on the floor before having a dick stuffed deep down her throat. She was then tied up with rope and ball gagged before the guys got around her to shower her with loads of cum until the sperm completely covered her face and body.


This is Cherry Ferretti, she is an Italian teenager who has never given nor heard of this whole footjob phenomenon. She never knew it, but she has Magical Feet. She has always taken great care of her feet and it has never paid off more than today. She came to her Magical Feet scene prepared to let her feet do all the work. This babe has decent sized tits but her tits are all natural so they jiggled nicely when she performed her first footjob. She also happens to be quite flexible too, as she gave a blowjob while giving a foot job, that’s a first. Not only that, but she gave a reverse footjob when she bent over and gave that cock a good foot rub all lubed up with oil. It was a nice view to see her pussy and ass from behind as she tugged away with her magical feet.

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