College is expensive. And this freshman teen is going to realize that it’s hard work to pay for college. Since she doesn’t want to be burdened by huge student debt, she instead is going to tryout to be a pornstar. But now she’s going to be burdened by a huge black cock. Yep, she’s going to try anal sex on camera for the first time with a BBC. Yeah, that’s real smart. She’s going to be apologizing to her anus for the next week.


Here’s how it works. Aspiring pornstars go in for their first audition. Since they’re going to be trying out for porn, why not record it and put the footage online? So this one babe here came in to the office and was asked to strip. She was shy but soon enough her shirt came off and boom out came a pair of huge natural titties. Those were some good titties on her. Then came the real audition, she performed a handjob, she gave a blowjob, then she got fucked. So far so good. But then the real test came when the guy came all over her face. This amateur babe got more than she bargained for, she got a huge facial cumshot.


It was a dream come true for this 18 year old girl. She was going to not only jerk off one hard cock, but she was going to get to whack off two of them! So there she went, grabbing onto both dicks and she started jerking. She was tugging on both so hard, eagerly wanting them to each ejaculate. Her goal? She wanted to make both dicks cum at the same time so she could see a double cum fountain.


Times are tough when the secretary has to blow her boss for a raise. Heck, nowadays secretaries are giving blowjobs to their bosses just to keep their jobs.


This babe here wants to become a pornstar. But if she wants to make it in the dirty world of pornography, she’s going to have to do the unthinkable. She’s going to have to defy her mother’s wishes and stuff a big black cock inside of her mouth and yup in her teen pussy as well.


This babe is busy getting her college education. She doesn’t have time for the silly games guys play. But she does want to get laid. So she joined an online dating site where she could meet guys for anonymous sex. Here’s a snapshot of her main profile pic. She’s gotten loads of messages from guys that have ultimately led to her getting multiple loads on her face on the first date.


Here’s a mom (nearly a grandma) who still likes to jerk men off. You can find her on Craigslist offering young men handjobs. She just loves to tug on dicks. There’s something about seeing the white stuff shoot out of a man’s cock. She may be 49 years old, but she still loves the feeling of hot cum on her old hands.


Talk about humiliating. This blonde babe here was taken to a pub and Рwhile bound with rope Рwas forced to give a public blowjob. The people at the bar were shocked at what they were looking at. She was completely naked as she walked in, with ropes around her tits and a blindfold on. Then she sat down and started sucking off her captor while everyone watched in horror.


She hit 18 and what does she do? She goes online to share her tits with the world. Yep, this babe was finally old enough to show her boobs without any repercussions. Well other than being posted on every boob blog in town, girlfriend.


It’s not that odd to see a babe showing her tits in a selfie nowadays. But it is a bit strange to see her do it in her online dating profile. This babe here decided that it was a good idea to upload a topless selfie to her profile. Talk about being forward. But I guess when you’re chubby it’s hard to get a date.


Let me tell you about an interesting story submission we got here at Adult Everything. It turns out that this guy went on a dating site looking to get laid. He found a few ladies in his hometown that were looking for no strings attached fun. But then he looked over at a particular profile and he was shocked to see that it was his neighbor’s 22 year old daughter.

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You’ve heard of MILF porn. You’ve heard of teen porn. Well the hot site Moms Bang Teens combines two of our favorite porn niches into one.

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And you thought all that happened in college dorm rooms was studying. Ha! Nowadays college students do a lot more than just study in their dorm rooms. For example, the group of college students above film their own sex tapes and win $10,000. That sure beats the heck out of cramming for midterms. Instead, the ladies cram 8 inch dicks into their coed pussies.

It all went down in a cold October day. Classes got canceled so this group of guys and girls got together for a study session. Well that’s what they called it, but they all knew they were going to get it in, jersey shore style. So instead of just fucking each others brains out and going home, they decided to film it.

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Here’s a sex-crazed Latina woman who is in her 30′s now but she has never wanted sex as bad as she wants it now. She got married at a young age and now that she’s divorced she is going wild. She signed up to appear on the Bang Bros sites Latina Rampage and Big Tits Round Asses. She sure fits the bill for both of those sites.

What this busty Latina MILF wanted to do more than anything was get fucked hard by a younger man. Of course her wish was granted. This guy got to bend her over and pound her butt real hard. There was some thrusting, some screaming and and orgasm. By the time it was over she was spent, just lying there motionless on the ground wondering what the fuck had just happened to her.

College is a wonderful time. One of the best things about college is going to spring break. There’s a few hot spots across the country where spring break is always a good time. Those include some places in southern California, Texas and Florida. But another hotbed of wild college antics is in Lake Havasu. There you can see drunk college coeds flashing their tits like these girls did.

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Here’s a sexy ebony babe who’s making her porn debut on Brown Bunnies. She is a true amateur who is merely looking to make a few bucks to pay her rent. She has a perfect set of all natural breasts and look at those nipples! Her nipples are so dark and chocolate colored. They look delicious.

What is it about male strip clubs that drives women wild. I mean guys go to strip clubs but they just drink and relax. Maybe they get a lap dance or two. But it’s all a calm yet sexual environment. But at male strip clubs the girls go absolutely nuts. Not just that, but it’s groups of girls who go crazy. Guys don’t really get wild with their guy friends at strip clubs, but girls do.

Take for example this one episode above. It happened at Dancing Bear, the strip club where large groups of regular women go to watch a guy in a bear costume strip. But what goes on here is much more raunchy than what goes on at the average strip club. Here, moms, college students and housewives suck cock and take facials from the male strippers.

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College was such an amazing time. However I don’t quite remember college being filled with so many drunk girls willing to do anything as long as there was a camera on them. Well since we can’t go back to college now at least we can live vicariously through the lives of current college students.

Every day college students get out their flip cams or iPhone 5′s and record themselves fucking each other. It’s not only celebrities who make sex tapes or married couples at home. But college students are making their own sex tapes at an alarming rate. What’s behind all this? Well aside from the fact that it’s fun to see yourself fucking, Dare Dorm is paying thousands of dollars each week to the best amateur college sex tape.

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When you visit a massage parlor what is the number one thing you want? To relax of course. Getting a massage from a professional masseuse is such a muscle relaxer. It can ease away all of your stress and worries. Interestingly enough, another great way to relieve stress is to unload all of the white sticky stuff that rests inside of your testicles. This is usually done through the act of jerking off or sex. Well how about we combine the two – getting a massage and getting a handjob, a happy ending.

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