Jenna Doll

It must be that innocent looking face, or maybe those bedroom eyes, then gain for most it’s probably the extra large youthful boobs that makes Jenna Doll a wet dream in the making. She’s been a very naughty girl, taking her clothes off and getting nasty, oh you nasty girl. Jenna is one of those open minded teen babes when it come to sex. Be it a guy with a long schlong or a girlfriend with a need to please, it’s all good.

Here’s some on Jenna,

Jenna Doll was born in New York City and moved to California when she was 19 years old.
Before getting into porn she was working at a spa. Although she is pretty new in the adult industry she has already been featured in several adult magazines, websites and 5 movies in 2007.

She is sweet and friendly and loves to dance. She plans to go to college in the future to do cosmetology and start her own spa.


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