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There are tons of really boring jobs in the world today. Jobs that you really hate because your boss is too hard on you or a complete dick head, jobs where you have to kiss ass so you can get an extra buck for your tips, simply the job that only pays your bills, and ruins your life in the process.

Well this kind of job our next guest happened to have. Adriana works at this Cuban place (one of the million around Miami area) which she hates with a passion and then some. A little while ago her friend showed her an ad that I published in the newspaper and she decided to reply. She told me that she likes to watch porn movies and that she’d like to see what it’s like to be on the other side of the screen, in action.

I called my boy Johny who apparently became a sex instructor at some time or another. After she pulled down those cute white cotton panties, He showed her how the whole thing works and it seems like she got it, more than got it actually. Her nice tiny tight pussy was handling his cock really well, she even left her short white socks on while she was getting banged, what a pro.

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