Let me tell you about an interesting story submission we got here at Adult Everything. It turns out that this guy went on a dating site looking to get laid. He found a few ladies in his hometown that were looking for no strings attached fun. But then he looked over at a particular profile and he was shocked to see that it was his neighbor’s 22 year old daughter.

So what do you think he did? Tell his neighbor what their daughter was doing? Nope. He set up a date with her. But there was no way he could ever meet or bang this hot college broad. After all, he was married himself and didn’t want his wife to find out. But he came up with an idea to make it all work.

He told this girl that he wanted to meet her in her bedroom with the lights off. He wanted her naked, bent over on the bed, ready for sex. She thought this was kinky and loved the idea. So they made a date for Thursday at 9PM. Her parents would be gone that night so it was perfect for her. But this guy could only fool around during work hours (10AM-6PM). He would be home with his wife at 9PM. But fearing it was his only chance at scoring some hot college ass he agreed to it.

That day, at 8:30PM he went to the bathroom to spy on his neighbor. He saw her parents car was gone and saw her bedroom light was on. He could see the silhouette of his neighbor as she was close to the window. Then he could catch a glimpse of her taking her clothes off. Then as it approached 9PM she turned the lights off. That’s when he knew it was time to strike.

He told his wife he was going to the store and she bought it. He then left and went straight to his neighbor’s house. He walked up the stairs and made it to the bedroom. He went right in and could see the hot neighbor’s daughter was on the bed, begging for his cock. Without saying a word he took his pants off and approached her. Without even putting a condom on he stuck his dick into this perfect horny babe. She moaned with pleasure and grunted as he piledrived this whore like it was 1999.

This college girl was taking it from behind, doggystyle for a good 10 minutes when he let out a moan and squished his cum all over her perfectly shaven pussy. That’s when she lied down on the bed and he lied down next to her, copping a feel of her tits and kissing her neck as she rubbed his wet sticky cock.

Knowing that his luck would soon run out, he bolted for the door and left without saying a single word. He made it back home and cleverly told his wife the store was closed. Every day he sees his chick going in and out of his neighbors house. He now lives with the pleasure of knowing he banged that hot ass from behind.

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