disgraced 18 year old teens

Hot teens are being taken out in public and abused with various bondage techniques. The 18 year old teens from Disgraced 18 are being taken through a series of acts including torture, gagging, spanking, whipping and all sorts of BDSM acts. After all is said and done, the disgraced 18 year olds are completely humiliated.

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  1. Micheal Pearson
    27 Apr 09 10:54 pm

    what a way to introduce them to the harsh world of pornography.

  2. Johansen Brock
    27 Apr 09 10:54 pm

    You getting tied up now girls!

  3. Ty Leon
    27 Apr 09 10:56 pm

    Dude the design is so web 2.0 and stuff.

  4. Albert James
    27 Apr 09 10:58 pm

    I been waiting for someone to combine BDSM with teens for a long fucking time.

  5. Martin Balsier
    27 Apr 09 11:01 pm

    there’s a lot of suspension bondage and rope bondage but not enough water bondage, thats what it’s lacking.

  6. Timothy Basher
    27 Apr 09 11:01 pm

    WTF is water bondage, reminds me of waterboarding..

  7. Peyton Leigh
    28 Apr 09 12:25 am

    Man I’d like to tickle her feet until she pees on herself.

  8. Ralph Orson
    28 Apr 09 12:26 am

    dude thats kind of, uh, sick, but yeah kinda hot lol