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Times are tough when the secretary has to blow her boss for a raise. Heck, nowadays secretaries are giving blowjobs to their bosses just to keep their jobs.


Here’s a mom (nearly a grandma) who still likes to jerk men off. You can find her on Craigslist offering young men handjobs. She just loves to tug on dicks. There’s something about seeing the white stuff shoot out of a man’s cock. She may be 49 years old, but she still loves the feeling of hot cum on her old hands.


You’ve heard of MILF porn. You’ve heard of teen porn. Well the hot site Moms Bang Teens combines two of our favorite porn niches into one.

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Here’s a sex-crazed Latina woman who is in her 30’s now but she has never wanted sex as bad as she wants it now. She got married at a young age and now that she’s divorced she is going wild. She signed up to appear on the Bang Bros sites Latina Rampage and Big Tits Round Asses. She sure fits the bill for both of those sites.

What this busty Latina MILF wanted to do more than anything was get fucked hard by a younger man. Of course her wish was granted. This guy got to bend her over and pound her butt real hard. There was some thrusting, some screaming and and orgasm. By the time it was over she was spent, just lying there motionless on the ground wondering what the fuck had just happened to her.


Get ready for this one. This new site, called Fuck My Mommy And Me, is all about mother daughter threesomes. The way it works is that we have a hot teen chick with a boyfriend. He asks her boyfriend: “What’s your fantasy?” and he responds “I want to fuck you and your mom at the same time!”. So this lucky guy gets his chance. For the mom, she loves the thought of fucking younger cock while her husband is out of town. For the daughter, she gives her boyfriend his ultimate fantasy. For the boyfriend, he gets to fuck his girlfriend and her mom. It’s pretty weird to see a mom and daughter team fucking together. It’s not incest or anything, but it’s still pretty creepy to see a mom and her daughter double-teaming a guy in some odd FFM threesome, in the weirdest 3 person gangbang you’ll ever see. This is Fuck My Mommy, folks.


The gang from the Porn Pros have created a sick and twisted website dealing with moms in bondage. These are some real moms who are getting all tied up and put through some real torture. These aren’t the CIA torture tapes, these are the MILF torture tapes. These moms aren’t guilty of espionage but instead are guilty of having big tits. The moms are captured, enslaved, tortured and then humiliated. Here’s some of what they went through: They had their big tits put in a tit clamp, they were hog-tied like animals, they were strapped to a pussy fucking machine and this thing goes at a few thousand RPMs fucking their pussy until they can’t take it anymore. The moms were suspended in the air with ropes, they even had their big mom tits put in a suction device to puff them up.

Milf Seeker Shannon Kelly

Ever on the prowl for fine MILF pussy, the boys find Shannon. This cruel mommy knows what she wants and today she wants our boys to give it to her from both ends. She only has an hour so the boys better get started.

Talk about a redhead! This sexy mature lady has a head of hair on her. Course before i saw the hair, I couldn’t miss the wide cleavage she’s got going on.

She tries to pretend she’s a lady and that she doesn’t just fuck and one, not like she’s put a strangers stiff cock in her mouth. Ya right! Once she gets horny, she not such a prim and proper lady, how can you be with one dick slamming your pussy, another pushing between you lips. Not to mention walking around with cum stains on your blouse and crusted on your chin.

Milf Seeker India Summer

Temperatures outside might be cooling off but this slutty mom, India, is heating things up inside! She seemed a little boring at first but once we stuck our cocks up in that mom pussy, she really came to life! Don’t miss out as we bring this Hot MILF out of her shell and into the bright lights of porn!

She was a true soccer mom with the SUV, Milf clothes and perfect hair. We knew she was a horny mom and she told us she was recently divorced and hadn’t had a “relationship” for quite some time. Looks like we hit her up at the right time. A little reluctant at first, but it didn’t take long to melt her resistance and get her doing some nasty shit most moms don’t even talk about.

Milf Seeker

Roses are red, our balls were blue so we went & found a hot MILF for you.

She was walkin the ‘hood, strutin her stuff when we rolled up & wanted her muff.

We stripped her down & bent her over & banged her hard like our dear dog Rover.

We’re just about fuckin, so forget all that drama. Don’t miss this MILF cuz she’s our 200th mama!

All kidding aside, sexy RayVeness is on the set today and she is a real dream boat. Not exactly your experienced porn star, but thats exactly how we like them. She’s just a real older women, not that old, that wanted to bring a little excitement into her life. She does it in style when she reveals her fantasy of having sex with two hung and hard studs, said it was a fantasy for some time. Now it was time to make it a reality and we had no problem finding to guys that floated her boat. A little shy at first, but she warmed up to the occasion and was an amazing fuck.

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Be quiet and sit down. Class is in session. Today we have a very important visitor the beautiful Milf Mrs. Sabrina and she is going to teach our newest student Kristina how to suck cock the right way, after all she has the experience and nows exactly what gets a guy off.

First we will start off the lesson with Sabrina and Kristina who will both sexually stimulate each other, caressing each others round delicious full breasts, massaging each others hard tender nipples with their tongues and sucking each others moist pussies till their clits and pussy lips are swollen with sexual excitement.

The second part of this two part milf lesson Jordan will volunteer his huge stiff cock so that Kristina and Sabrina can practice their sucking action and at the end he’s going to fuck them both till their pussy is raw. So sit back take notes and enjoy the lesson, because there will be a quiz. Course you’ll have to have one free hand to take the test.

elle cee

Born Leslie Culton, on October 11th in Atlanta GA. Elle says she was a nerd from the very beginning. She did a lot of things as Leslie, whom is a celebrated costumer. She costumed all over the country, posed for artists, made Horror movies, posed for magazines, became a feature dancer, graduated from College and really did a lot of cool things. But it was not enough.

Elle Cee later became Vanessa Harding as an ass kicking, name taking Pro Wrestler! She trained with legends in the business, wrestled some fantastic ladies, posed for magazines, worked in the WWE’s developmental territory and wrestled all over the world. In a recent interview with us here at Bangbros, Elle said, “I will wrestle as long as my body allows me, you never know how many bumps are in your card till it’s over and done with.”

It still was not enough for her; she then became Elle Cee, XXX adult movie star. Having worked for some of the top adult video companies, Elle is considered to be one of the hottest MILF’s in the industry.

savannah sweer

We met Savannah at a local supermarket. We invited her back to our place to fuck the afternoon away. She let us know that she was having problems with her husband and she needed some young meat. A dick that would take care of her “Needs”, since hubby wasn’t doing his job, in more ways then one. Said she needed to be reminded what real fucking was, make her walk funny kind of fucking.

My boy jonny stepped up to bat, like any one would have turned her down anyways. She started to disrobe and tease him with her big juicy tits and her ripe little ass with a red thong hanging riding between those sweet cheeks. Then she stroked his dick and sucked him off and made him almost cum in her mouth, it was that good. Thought we were going to need to call in a pitch hitter to take over. Then they started to fuck on the couch and it looked great. Her ass was in the air and her tits were bouncing everywhere. Jonny really laid down the pipe because her legs were shaking when it was all done, no doubt she got off.Not hard to tell how her husband wasn’t taking care of business, if he ever did her that good in the first place.

Miss Brittany Andrews

I don’t know about you, but I never had a teacher that looks like Miss Brittany Andrews, nor did any of my best friends have a mom that was this hot. Were the hecks were this women when I was growing up?

Brittany is a one of the hot milfs, sure you’ve heard the newer catch phrase, Mothers I’d Like to Fuck. As I search my memory, I can not remember any ones mom that look good enough that I had wet dreams about. Course not many moms dress like this or even close back in the day. It does seem over the years more and more cleavage has been working its way out of the blouses and I’m sure not complaining.

Click here for Miss Brittany Andrews doing what she does best. A little info about Brittany:

Brittany Andrews is an American pornographic actress and exotic dancer. Andrews grew up in Milwaukee and has described herself as being “a total punk rocker. I had hot pink hair in a very tall Mohawk.” She worked in a Milwaukee beauty supply company before starting her career as an exotic dancer. While living in Texas, she became a popular feature dancer after undergoing rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

She began doing photo shoots for men’s magazines and began her career in adult film, after meeting Jenna Jameson, in 1995, during a photo shoot for Hustler magazine, in Jamaica. She starred in her first film, Internal Affairs, in 1997, for which she was nominated for an AVN award.

In addition to adult film she hosts several cable TV shows, including Playboy TV and Talking Blue, which she co-produces, and running her own film production company, Britco Pictures, in Los Angeles, California. She is also actively involved in multiple adult websites and companies, 22 different sites as of October 2005.

In December 2003, Brittany Andrews was appointed to the Women In Adult Board of Directors as the Talent Liaison.