We’ve come across a new amateur site full of hot ex girlfriends and we’ve also added it to the amateur women section. It’s called Submit Your Bitch. We also found this hilarious story about how this site received the picture above.. read below for the story..

My ex girlfriend was so beautiful. She was the love of my life. I adored her lovable personality and her big boobs all the time. She said she loved big cock to me all the time. I thought she was talking about mine but I was so wrong. I checked her laptop and found that she had 2 favorite places in her bookmarks. One was Farmville and the other was this guys Facebook profile. So I did what any loving boyfriend does. I checked her phone and found all sorts of MMS texts from this guy. He had been sending her cock pics in exchange for titty pics. But there’s more. They had already hooked up twice and she even swallowed his cum. She spits mine out! So now that she fucked me over, I’m submitting all her pics to Submit Your Bitch so you all can enjoy her big titties like I did all these years..

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  1. Dre Aston
    20 Jun 10 11:25 pm

    Damn that B is fyne with them big titties all everywhere.