College is a wonderful time. One of the best things about college is going to spring break. There’s a few hot spots across the country where spring break is always a good time. Those include some places in southern California, Texas and Florida. But another hotbed of wild college antics is in Lake Havasu. There you can see drunk college coeds flashing their tits like these girls did.

It’s always a party in Havasu but especially during spring break. It’s a time when girls show up in their bikinis with a beer in their hand. With the drinks flowing and the loud music pumping it’s no surprise the amazing things college girls do.

Spring break is their time to unwind and relax. It’s their time to relieve themselves of the pressures of college life. So as you see the picture above showing these wild college girls you should know that they were totally wasted and were doing all sorts of stuff. One of them being flashing anybody who wanted a peek at their tits. And who wouldn’t want to see these boobies. After all, they are ripe 22 year old college tits. Enjoy this picture of these drunk coeds flashing their boobs.

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