When you visit a massage parlor what is the number one thing you want? To relax of course. Getting a massage from a professional masseuse is such a muscle relaxer. It can ease away all of your stress and worries. Interestingly enough, another great way to relieve stress is to unload all of the white sticky stuff that rests inside of your testicles. This is usually done through the act of jerking off or sex. Well how about we combine the two – getting a massage and getting a handjob, a happy ending.

Who knows why it’s only Asian women who work at these massage parlors. Perhaps they are following in the footsteps of the geisha girls. What we do know is that Asian girls sure have a way of satisfying a man. Their hands are so firm, their breasts so tender, their look so innocent.

The site I’m going to talk to you about today is called Happy Tugs. Here, we get gorgeous amateur Asian woman who work as masseuses offering up massages to their male clientele. It all starts innocently enough, as the men are ushered into a room (loaded with several hidden cameras mind you) for their massage. The guys undress and the woman proceeds to massage his body.

Many of these Asian women are very poor and are willing to do anything to make a buck – even if that means giving a dirty old man a happy ending handjob and an asshole rimming. So as the massage progresses the men get increasingly horny and the girls can’t really contain themselves either. It’s not that they see a throbbing cock and want to ride it, it’s that they see a couple of Benjamins coming their way.

What happens next is more than just your typical happy ending. The girls suck cock right on the massage table. They then get on the freaking table and ride that cock like it was going out of style. Before they know it the guy was unloaded his stressed out ball sac juices right into her creamy virgin pussy. What a happy ending indeed.

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