With secret escort or “erotic massage” terminology like BBBJ (bareback blowjobs), CIM (cum in mouth) and YMMV (your mileage may vary), this site has all the lingo down pat. The guys come in for a very special massage. Here’s the way it works. Guys email in their requests via Craigslist via ads placed by Bubbly Massage escorts. A meeting is set up at a posh downtown hotel with a big bathroom and a big bath tub. The guys come in and get a soapy massage and for the right price they’ll get a full bodyslide, a soapy wet handjob, a blowjob, and the lucky guys get sex from the escorts as well, however YMMV, as some guys only get BBBJ with no CIM.

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  1. donald craig
    24 Apr 09 2:51 am

    she lucky she didnt meet the craigslist killa.

  2. Jeffrey Beddenfield
    27 Apr 09 2:50 am

    at least we know they’re clean with all that soap.

  3. Henry Teaweather
    27 Apr 09 2:51 am

    The “bodysliding” aspect is my favorite.

  4. Jefferson Brinks
    27 Apr 09 2:51 am

    im like WTF is up with all these ABBR’s.

  5. Bindy Main
    27 Apr 09 2:53 am

    It doesn’t get much better than unprotected bareback blowjobs and bareback sex with these hookers.

  6. Morton Banks
    27 Apr 09 10:12 pm

    I don’t understand all these lingos but I’m liking the pornstars on that site. They got Eva Angelina, my fav Latina all wet and soapy.

  7. Jenny Sparks
    27 Apr 09 10:24 pm

    For a second there I thought I saw my sister on there, she’s an escort who puts up ads in local papers for massages in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

  8. Liam Forenz
    27 Apr 09 10:25 pm

    i’ve been to Thailand because of all the cheap prostitutes and they dont compare to the American babes. over there the girls all have tiny tits and no butt and are so white, while over here in the states the girls are bigger, i want some of that mcdonalds chunkiness on their body. not saying that these cuties are fat or anything, but they at least have C-cup boobs and a nice bubble on their butts at least. jeez.

  9. Liam Forenz
    27 Apr 09 10:27 pm

    What really is the difference between paid pornstars getting paid to fuck on camera or escorts getting paid to fuck a guy? I mean does having a camera really change things. In fact, maybe having a camera and video-taping it makes it even more of a criminal act not less.

  10. Micheal Pearson
    27 Apr 09 10:28 pm

    well it is like the same thing with paparazzi cameras. if they have the camera that means they are working but if they dont have a camera and work for TMZ then they are stalkers.