Dalilah Strong

Does this girl have an incredible ass or what? One of the best ones I’ve seen in some time. Course just my opinion, every one has their own tastes. You tell from the picture, but she also has some boobs, they call them medium size, but I’m leaning more towards large tits. She also has a great smile, like many will be looking anywhere else besides those juicy breasts and firm tight fine ass.

Delilah Strong, born July 26, 1982, is an American pornographic actress. She is the daughter of 1980s pornographic actress Deborah Coxxx. She initially began as an exotic dancer at the age of 19 but moved on to start a career in the adult entertainment industry in 2002 at the age of 20, starting with Internet work and from January, 2004 moving on to start doing scenes for DVDs. She is known to prefer rough sex scenes. She hopes to stay in the adult entertainment industry for as long as she can and she wants to take home as many awards as she can and start her own production company.

As of August 27, 2007 the Internet Movie Database has her credited with performances in 72 DVDs and the Adult Web Movie Database has her listed on over 40 different websites.

Miss Brittany Andrews

I don’t know about you, but I never had a teacher that looks like Miss Brittany Andrews, nor did any of my best friends have a mom that was this hot. Were the hecks were this women when I was growing up?

Brittany is a one of the hot milfs, sure you’ve heard the newer catch phrase, Mothers I’d Like to Fuck. As I search my memory, I can not remember any ones mom that look good enough that I had wet dreams about. Course not many moms dress like this or even close back in the day. It does seem over the years more and more cleavage has been working its way out of the blouses and I’m sure not complaining.

Click here for Miss Brittany Andrews doing what she does best. A little info about Brittany:

Brittany Andrews is an American pornographic actress and exotic dancer. Andrews grew up in Milwaukee and has described herself as being “a total punk rocker. I had hot pink hair in a very tall Mohawk.” She worked in a Milwaukee beauty supply company before starting her career as an exotic dancer. While living in Texas, she became a popular feature dancer after undergoing rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

She began doing photo shoots for men’s magazines and began her career in adult film, after meeting Jenna Jameson, in 1995, during a photo shoot for Hustler magazine, in Jamaica. She starred in her first film, Internal Affairs, in 1997, for which she was nominated for an AVN award.

In addition to adult film she hosts several cable TV shows, including Playboy TV and Talking Blue, which she co-produces, and running her own film production company, Britco Pictures, in Los Angeles, California. She is also actively involved in multiple adult websites and companies, 22 different sites as of October 2005.

In December 2003, Brittany Andrews was appointed to the Women In Adult Board of Directors as the Talent Liaison.

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