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Ever on the prowl for fine MILF pussy, the boys find Shannon. This cruel mommy knows what she wants and today she wants our boys to give it to her from both ends. She only has an hour so the boys better get started.

Talk about a redhead! This sexy mature lady has a head of hair on her. Course before i saw the hair, I couldn’t miss the wide cleavage she’s got going on.

She tries to pretend she’s a lady and that she doesn’t just fuck and one, not like she’s put a strangers stiff cock in her mouth. Ya right! Once she gets horny, she not such a prim and proper lady, how can you be with one dick slamming your pussy, another pushing between you lips. Not to mention walking around with cum stains on your blouse and crusted on your chin.

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Gambling debts are bitch, one way or another they need to get paid. So, this guy’s wife is going to get laid. We are going to poke her pretty pink pussy while her husband watches us get down and dirty!

Jim had a gambling problem for years, some way or another he always seemed to keep his head above water, some how it always kept the bookies at bay. Times get tough for Jack. He’s on a big losing streak. He’s got more bad luck than Titanic. He would like to keep his legs all original but the guys want their money and hey are ready to do something about it.

Not exactly his first choice, not something he ever thought he’d have to do, put up his wife as payment. She says she’ll have nothing to do with it, but the deadline is drawing near and neither one of them has a choice. Then again, Jack might be a little surprised if his wife actually enjoyed paying with her body.

Wild Fuck Toys

Okay, I’ll admit porn sites about women getting fucked by machines is not really anything new, they’ve been around for some time. The most famous of course is Fucking Machines, think they are even the ones that started the whole niche. There is not doubt they have a killer site, i spent all kinds of time on the site.

Here’s the thing, all these mechanical fuck toys are not something you can buy off the shelf of the local super store, they are all hand made. Being they are hand made means there are so many variations from site to site, which is good for you.

Like Today, I came across Wild Fuck Toys and the image above. It’s a snap from one of their video’s. What caught my eye was the set up this girl was getting pleasure from, again, not something you’ll probably find anywhere else. If you noticed there is a little clit stimulator arranged against this ladies clit. I’ve seen my wife with one of those so i can tell you that girl in the pictures is getting some big time orgasms. It’s enough just with that electrified dildo banging her box, but to have that and the clit getting abused, I’m surprised she’s still sitting there. Check out Wild Fuck Toys for yourself and see what I mean.

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I’m really like thing new porn site I found. Guess you could call it just another realty porn site and you might be right. It was a turn on for me because it’s been one of my favorite on-going sexual fantasies. That is switching partners with another married couple. We’ve done it before in the past and i can tell you it can be a blast!

Above is one of the couples from the site and their adventure,

Stephanie is all geared up to fuck another couple- as long as her husband Sasha keeps his promise to wear a raincoat. Nina and Tommy are ready for some action too, and all is well until Nina’s voluptuous ass gets Sasha a little too wild and he decides to throw caution to the wind… And Stephanie doesn’t take her husband’s spontaneity very well.

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Temperatures outside might be cooling off but this slutty mom, India, is heating things up inside! She seemed a little boring at first but once we stuck our cocks up in that mom pussy, she really came to life! Don’t miss out as we bring this Hot MILF out of her shell and into the bright lights of porn!

She was a true soccer mom with the SUV, Milf clothes and perfect hair. We knew she was a horny mom and she told us she was recently divorced and hadn’t had a “relationship” for quite some time. Looks like we hit her up at the right time. A little reluctant at first, but it didn’t take long to melt her resistance and get her doing some nasty shit most moms don’t even talk about.

Housewife  Bangers

Lovely Phylisha and her happy go lucky hubby Alan say they are at a place in their relationship where they’re ready to explore their sexual fantasies and Alan’s is to watch his wife get fucked by another guy. Is he totally agreeable to the real thing when they bring home a young tatted stud?

Alan knows his wife is hot, she gets hit on all the time and he’s usually a proud husband, being that he’s got such a hot wife. Though flirting and actual fucking are two different things altogether. Sure he’s fantasied about it many time, often while they were in the midst of having hot hardcore sex. She’d ask him if it would turn him on to see her with another guy. This was usually enough to get his dick spurting cum everywhere. Question is, can he handle reality? Can he sit and watch another guy push his dick deep inside his wifes wet pussy?

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It’s time to film another workout video and the girls are holding auditions. How flexible is she, how strong is her tongue, and will she know how to use a strap-on? Do you want to know the answers…cum visit with these girls and find out for yourself.

She’d never been with girls in that “way” before, it was all new. Though she’d never told any one it had been a fantasy she’d gotten herself off to more then one. Of course she had kissed another girl before, but nothing real serious ever happened, this would be a Her First Lesbian Sex.

There was one time her and a friend had a sleep over, after messing around playing some how they ended up touching each other but they were both to shy and timid for it to go anywhere, though it was an experience she’d never forget. Today was going to be completely different from her past experiences as thee girls were aggressive, they knew what they wanted and it was her, naked!

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Cowgirl Ali was new in town and ready for a rodeo and it sure wasn’t her first time around. We told her we knew where she could find some big bulls. We took out our cocks and she said giddy up! This girl knew how ride but could she ride double? We pounded both holes until she was screaming yippy -kyay!

Ali got a little more than she bargained for! She’d fucked around with two guys at once before, but never like this and never hung bulls like them. She thought she was all that and had been around enough to take on any cowboys, but this time was going to be different, they were going to show her what it was like to ride in the big rodeo.

Milf Seeker

Roses are red, our balls were blue so we went & found a hot MILF for you.

She was walkin the ‘hood, strutin her stuff when we rolled up & wanted her muff.

We stripped her down & bent her over & banged her hard like our dear dog Rover.

We’re just about fuckin, so forget all that drama. Don’t miss this MILF cuz she’s our 200th mama!

All kidding aside, sexy RayVeness is on the set today and she is a real dream boat. Not exactly your experienced porn star, but thats exactly how we like them. She’s just a real older women, not that old, that wanted to bring a little excitement into her life. She does it in style when she reveals her fantasy of having sex with two hung and hard studs, said it was a fantasy for some time. Now it was time to make it a reality and we had no problem finding to guys that floated her boat. A little shy at first, but she warmed up to the occasion and was an amazing fuck.

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Aaralyn was eager to show us her skills on the new hit video game CockBand! Luckily for us she needed a couple extra controllers. Plug us into your ass to experience how INTERactive it can get.

Being a virgin when it came to her tight butthole, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Oh sure she’d tried a finger or two when she was horny, but that was nothing compared to a stiff fat cock trying to snake it’s way up her little bum. It was quite a shock when he started to work his dick up inside her anus, a little big bigger than her slender fingers. She could feel the slight pain as he pushed, she only hoped he’d be gentle for Her First Anal Sex.

Gang Bang Squad

Cindy Crawford, Winner of numerous awards including “Dirtiest Girl in Anal Porn” – “Best Oral Sex ” and “Best Group Sex Scene” you’ll be thrilled by the non-stop sucking, deep hard fucking, XXX anal and double penetration action that only Ms. Cindy Crawford is hardcore enough to try with 5 of the biggest cocks in the biz!

It’s a virtual fuck fest when this sweet girl gets cock from every angle, filling every empty hole full of thick hard dick meat. Not only does she take on a whole gang of dicks, these guys are hung and thick as a tree root, Cindy’s going to get used and abused in every which way. She might be walking a little funny and have a sore jaw for a couple days, but she’ll have fond memories to remember.

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They say in Texas everything is bigger and that’s true especially when it comes to Megan’s lovely bubble butt! This girl comes from a small town but there’s nothing small about her ass and the way she uses it! She might look like the innocent girl next door but she’s all about the cock and getting every inch. She knows how to bounce the big plump fine ass off her dick.

She’s grown her fine cheeks bigger than her perky little titties and the guys just love it, plenty of junk in the truck, more cushion for the pushing! Cum watch as she does the splits and we go after that vertical slit.

Couple Seduces Teen

“Ever since I turned 18, I guess I’ve wanted to have fun and it sucks having to live under my parents roof.” the new neighbor girl told Lexi. ” Well I’m kinda glad you got locked out of your house.”

Bangbus Anal

What’s up people? It’s still spring break here in Miami and the bangbus is still on the prowl for hot chicks willing to suck some cock for cash, and possibly ones that might just take it up the ass, and that’s exactly what we found this week.

After a few laps around SoBe hollering at some hotties. Preston and the guys found beautiful Raquel. She was a charismatic young hot piece of ass with an awesome sense of humor and a big phat round ass. She was hesitant to come with us on the bus, but after Preston practically gave her his wallet she was in like flynn.

She found Jonny Deep attractive, and she was very flirtatious with him. After some convincing, she showed us her succulent firm ass, and a little while after that she was being pounded in the ass with a big stiff dick.

There is nothing better than a hot Latin woman moaning in her native tongue as she takes it up the ass again and again and only wants more. After it was all said and done we convinced her to go steal some easter eggs off people’s lawns and she fell for it. As we peeled off she ran at us trying to catch up, but she was just too slow. You snooze, you lose.

Bangbus Videos

Wasup guys it’s your boy Preston here. This time I invited my sexy girl Eva Angelina to ride the bangbus with me so she can pick up some hot and hung guys for her pleasure.

She was out on the prowl for some hard cock or better said, she was out for some multiple cock action, this girl never seems to get enough when it comes to trouser meat. That’s my type of girl!

Eva picked up a dude off the street and fucked him so hard, but the guy couldn’t resist her sexual power if you know what I am saying. Later that day, she picked up another stud dude who had so much hair on his dick it looked like a fucking rain forest. So we dismissed him, and Eva continued her journey looking for more cock.

When she found two 19 year old dudes who were walking the streets, Eva gave them a little blow job, right out in public, standing on the sidewalk, before entering the van. This girl just jumps out of the van, pulls their dicks out of their baggy pants and starts sucking!

One of them couldn’t take the pressure, but the other one stayed and got him cock sucked and fucked by the sexy Eva. Although, he got too excited and he came in 2 minutes.

Bang Bus

What’s up guys and gals, it’s your boy with another hot episode of the Bang Bus. But this time, we went to the hood to try to find some nice girls, ya you heard me, nice girls.

At first we didn’t have much luck, we just found a crack-head whore that would do whatever for only 5 dollars and I do mean whatever, talk about a skank!

Then we passed by the courthouse, and we saw this gorgeous chick wearing a real tiny skirt that barely covered a thing, with some nice beautiful sweet legs.

We started talking to her and she was paying a ticket for peeing on the streets, can you believe it? I offered her the cash for the ticket and for taking a ride with us. She accepted the offer and we took her for a Bang Bus drive.

We were cruising with my home-boy C-lo and out of nowhere these two starting making out, and the next thing you know they were fucking hardcore, but as you know, when it was all over, I took back my cash and threw her out of the car! She was pissed.


Hey what’s up guys it’s me Preston here with another funny episode of the Bang Bus, of course it’s funny because I brought along my homeboy, the famous Ramon.

This guy is hilarious, he partied last night and he fell asleep in the fuck van, so when I was going to work in the van, I saw him sleeping there, so peaceful, well more like passed out. So I went to search for some sexy ladies with Ramon and we found this hot blond chick who called herself Amanda!

She was hot as hell with large real tits and her ass was so tight that I wanted to fuck her myself, I tried, believe you me. So we took her for a ride, and Ramon did his thing, they started playing around and out of nowhere she pulled his cock out of his pants and started sucking his stiff dick.

Then she showed her ass to the camera and her amazing tits with nice big nipples. so check it out, because Amanda loves Ramon’s big Chorizo, was like she couldn’t get enough.

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Be quiet and sit down. Class is in session. Today we have a very important visitor the beautiful Milf Mrs. Sabrina and she is going to teach our newest student Kristina how to suck cock the right way, after all she has the experience and nows exactly what gets a guy off.

First we will start off the lesson with Sabrina and Kristina who will both sexually stimulate each other, caressing each others round delicious full breasts, massaging each others hard tender nipples with their tongues and sucking each others moist pussies till their clits and pussy lips are swollen with sexual excitement.

The second part of this two part milf lesson Jordan will volunteer his huge stiff cock so that Kristina and Sabrina can practice their sucking action and at the end he’s going to fuck them both till their pussy is raw. So sit back take notes and enjoy the lesson, because there will be a quiz. Course you’ll have to have one free hand to take the test.

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There are tons of really boring jobs in the world today. Jobs that you really hate because your boss is too hard on you or a complete dick head, jobs where you have to kiss ass so you can get an extra buck for your tips, simply the job that only pays your bills, and ruins your life in the process.

Well this kind of job our next guest happened to have. Adriana works at this Cuban place (one of the million around Miami area) which she hates with a passion and then some. A little while ago her friend showed her an ad that I published in the newspaper and she decided to reply. She told me that she likes to watch porn movies and that she’d like to see what it’s like to be on the other side of the screen, in action.

I called my boy Johny who apparently became a sex instructor at some time or another. After she pulled down those cute white cotton panties, He showed her how the whole thing works and it seems like she got it, more than got it actually. Her nice tiny tight pussy was handling his cock really well, she even left her short white socks on while she was getting banged, what a pro.

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