Ever since the Kama Sutra came out there has been a fascination with women and flexibility. It seems that sexually flexible women get in more sexual positions and thus have more fun fucking around. Here at Adult Everything we’ve been looking for flexible women for years, as it’s a niche that hasn’t been adequately tackled yet. We actually have a flexible fetish links area set up that has all the flex-porn sites around. The site we’re going to focus on in this post is Contortionist.

Wouldn’t it be quite the sight to see a young lady put both her legs behind her head and slap her ass while she’s looking at it. Or how about a girl who can do the splits while sitting on top of your dick. Most of the babes on this site are gymnasts who can really contort their body in all sorts of freaky ways. Some of the sex scnees look odd and painful, but this is bizarre sex, these are really flexible girls. Imagine all the sex positions you can come up with double them because these contortionist girls can do them all and more.

Perhaps our favorite girl was this chick who always goes to the gym to stretch out and work out. She performed quite the acrobatic blowjob when she lied down on the ground and grabbed her feet, all while giving a blowjob. As if it couldn’t get any better than that, she kept sucking her toes while being fucked. Now isn’t that something, talk about being flexible and sexual all at the same time.

Our ever expanding site has just gotten a bit bigger as we’ve added / upgraded our amateur solo babes section.


Get ready for this one. This new site, called Fuck My Mommy And Me, is all about mother daughter threesomes. The way it works is that we have a hot teen chick with a boyfriend. He asks her boyfriend: “What’s your fantasy?” and he responds “I want to fuck you and your mom at the same time!”. So this lucky guy gets his chance. For the mom, she loves the thought of fucking younger cock while her husband is out of town. For the daughter, she gives her boyfriend his ultimate fantasy. For the boyfriend, he gets to fuck his girlfriend and her mom. It’s pretty weird to see a mom and daughter team fucking together. It’s not incest or anything, but it’s still pretty creepy to see a mom and her daughter double-teaming a guy in some odd FFM threesome, in the weirdest 3 person gangbang you’ll ever see. This is Fuck My Mommy, folks.


The gang from the Porn Pros have created a sick and twisted website dealing with moms in bondage. These are some real moms who are getting all tied up and put through some real torture. These aren’t the CIA torture tapes, these are the MILF torture tapes. These moms aren’t guilty of espionage but instead are guilty of having big tits. The moms are captured, enslaved, tortured and then humiliated. Here’s some of what they went through: They had their big tits put in a tit clamp, they were hog-tied like animals, they were strapped to a pussy fucking machine and this thing goes at a few thousand RPMs fucking their pussy until they can’t take it anymore. The moms were suspended in the air with ropes, they even had their big mom tits put in a suction device to puff them up.


Fuck those big tits sites with girls with D’s and DD’s.. how about DDD’s and F’s and even higher cup sizes. The boobs here are freakishly large. They are abnormally huge. Freaks Of Boobs is a Porn Pros site that is filled with monster boobs. You’ll need a bucket of cum to give these big tits a cumshot. You’ll need to be one brave mother fucker to give one of these freak boobs a titty-fuck. And you’ll be knocked the fuck out if you get your face slapped by a pair of these monster tits.


With secret escort or “erotic massage” terminology like BBBJ (bareback blowjobs), CIM (cum in mouth) and YMMV (your mileage may vary), this site has all the lingo down pat. The guys come in for a very special massage. Here’s the way it works. Guys email in their requests via Craigslist via ads placed by Bubbly Massage escorts. A meeting is set up at a posh downtown hotel with a big bathroom and a big bath tub. The guys come in and get a soapy massage and for the right price they’ll get a full bodyslide, a soapy wet handjob, a blowjob, and the lucky guys get sex from the escorts as well, however YMMV, as some guys only get BBBJ with no CIM.

disgraced 18 year old teens

Hot teens are being taken out in public and abused with various bondage techniques. The 18 year old teens from Disgraced 18 are being taken through a series of acts including torture, gagging, spanking, whipping and all sorts of BDSM acts. After all is said and done, the disgraced 18 year olds are completely humiliated.


Girls better learn to get out of the way and dodge a few cumshots because this odd site has hot girls unsuccessfully trying to avoid cumshot after cumshot that get tossed their way. There must be a gallon of cum that’s dumped all over these poor girls at Cumshot Surprise. After all they’re just trying to suck a cock not get a cum bath.

cartoon porn

Radgasm is a great site that features a bunch of drawn porn cartoons. These animated characters take many different shapes and forms as some of them look like a bunch of weird aliens. There are even aliens in a gray color that look like women, but it turns out that they are tranny aliens with a cock.  Some of these drawn women wear black fishnet lingerie and they get fucked up their ass and scream loudly. Some of the characters are drawn like a bunch of commando soldiers. Some of these cartoons are female elves with long ears and amazing big round boobs.

solo redhead babe

The sexy horny young fantastic brunette known as Riley Rebel sure has some big long cute socks on her sexy long slender legs. She likes to dress in cute colors and crawl around on a big soft bed. She has some freckles on her body. She poses in an office with her sexy big phat bubble butt sitting on an office chair, too. She likes to tease the viewers by sliding her sexy thin tight green panties halfway down her sexy big round bubble butt. She sometimes fools around on a soft carpet while she crawls around on all four limbs like a cat. She has a great smile and is now one of the girls listed in our amateur directory.

naked ex girlfriends

This site has a lot of different pictures of various amateur girlfriends. Some of the girls who get posted on Me And My GF’s are blonde and some of them are brunette. They like to undress and get down on their knees on soft carpet and suck some big dick. Some of them have sexy big round amazing fake boobs. Others have natural breasts. They suck and lick and stroke and hand job cocks and they get fucked up their pussies with big dicks, as well. Some of them get photographed while taking a shower of warm water in the bathtub. They are all a bunch of sluts that make home movies for the whole world to see. This guy named Jack manages to take naked pics of all of his first dates, blind dates and even long term girlfriends. He’s also got a nice stash of pics of his ex girlfriends in his collection too. What a lucky mofo.

celebrity porn

This mega celeb site, All Celeb Pass, has a lot of photos of various different famous celebrities such as Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima. They pose around in sexy lingerie and they pose around completely naked. Some of them look glamorous and wear black gloves. They have sexy big full red lips on their mouths. These nude celebrities make movies and photos that everyone can enjoy. They fuck around take pictures of themselves in the bathtub, too. Some of them even walk around on beautiful white beach sands and get photographed by paparazzi. Some of these women get photographed with nipple slips.

Step into the lives of todays hottest pornstars with at Day With A Pornstar. This is a behind the scenes look at what daily life is like for pornstars when they’re not filming. Think of it as an adult-themed reality tv show. What we end up learning is that pornstars are just as horny off the big screen as they are on it. Their wild adventures are taped as they shower around the house and even fuck and hang out with other pornstars in their lavish mansions.

masturbating my wet pussy

This site called Watch Me And My Pussy is filled with women taking close-up photos of their naked pussies. They masturbate their horny shaved pussies with big long dildos and open their mouths and yell and scream loud sex sounds. Some of them have ridiculously big sexy round boobs on their bodies. Some of them slowly slip off their sexy thin tight pink panties halfway down their ass and they show off their sexy horny amazing round bubble butts. They sure do like to fuck around with a bunch of dildos – they push the dildos deeper and deeper into their pussies and assholes. Their pussies are wet, juicy and horny. You can see more ladies in the act of masturbation in our female orgasms section.

One of the oddest sites to come by our desk has arrived and it’s Naked Movie. This site takes things to another level. Here’s the idea behind this quite unique new site. They take real Hollywood movies and convert them into porn movies. This is the first site of its kind. Some of the movies they’ve recreated are Star Trek (Star Trix), Miami Vice (Miami Spice), Top Gun (Pop Gun) and Superbad (Superbad Ass) to name a few. Naked Movie is part of the new Muffia Network.

Have we crossed the line yet? No? Okay good, we’ll keep going then. In the endless quest to bring you porn from the weird to the bizarre, we found another lollapalooza for you today with Jurassic Cock. This site is about old ass mother fucking geezers, grandpas with wrinkly cocks that aren’t even from the stone age, but from the Jurassic period, going after some young teenage snatch. This isn’t older men with younger women – this is ancient nearly bed ridden men destroying white teen sluts who are too foolish to refuse their advances.

image of college girls with bubble butts

Take a look at that ASS! This site has a mixture of newbies and pornstars getting their bubble butts fucked.

A few fetish we thought we’d bring to your attention. This one is creepy and it involves girls being violated as they sleep. Sleep Creep is the title of the site. The way it works is they’ve got sleeping chicks who are deep asleep in dreamland. Then some guy comes in and oh so quietly starts pulling the clothes off of her. Things keep progressing until he ends up putting his dick in her mouth, then in her pussy! How the hell don’t they wake up? At some point, I’m sure they wake up thinking they’re being raped but it feels so good they just pretend to stay sleeping – all while enjoying the sex. Talk about a sleep creep. The best part is that when they’re done, she keeps her eyes closed and just cracks a smile..

Angel Couture is a college freshman who has a thing for jocks. She decides to break into the mens locker room and snoop around. She got so horny with the thrill of being where she wasn’t supposed to be that she had to sit down and masturbate, right then and there. That’s when she is caught wet-handed by the coach! This is certainly grounds for expulsion, but she offers up her pussy, if he just keeps quiet. This was an offer he couldn’t refuse. This is Sex For Grades, where naughty schoolgirls always get what they want.

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