Housewife  Bangers

Lovely Phylisha and her happy go lucky hubby Alan say they are at a place in their relationship where they’re ready to explore their sexual fantasies and Alan’s is to watch his wife get fucked by another guy. Is he totally agreeable to the real thing when they bring home a young tatted stud?

Alan knows his wife is hot, she gets hit on all the time and he’s usually a proud husband, being that he’s got such a hot wife. Though flirting and actual fucking are two different things altogether. Sure he’s fantasied about it many time, often while they were in the midst of having hot hardcore sex. She’d ask him if it would turn him on to see her with another guy. This was usually enough to get his dick spurting cum everywhere. Question is, can he handle reality? Can he sit and watch another guy push his dick deep inside his wifes wet pussy?


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