Housewife Bangers

Gambling debts are bitch, one way or another they need to get paid. So, this guy’s wife is going to get laid. We are going to poke her pretty pink pussy while her husband watches us get down and dirty!

Jim had a gambling problem for years, some way or another he always seemed to keep his head above water, some how it always kept the bookies at bay. Times get tough for Jack. He’s on a big losing streak. He’s got more bad luck than Titanic. He would like to keep his legs all original but the guys want their money and hey are ready to do something about it.

Not exactly his first choice, not something he ever thought he’d have to do, put up his wife as payment. She says she’ll have nothing to do with it, but the deadline is drawing near and neither one of them has a choice. Then again, Jack might be a little surprised if his wife actually enjoyed paying with her body.

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