It looks like Tiger had a fling with another woman, pornstar Joslyn James. It’s up to 10+ women now who have said they’ve had an affair with the billion dollar man. Here’s a link directly to what Tiger supposedly “tapped”. Pornstar Joslyn James on Naughty America. Not a bad catch, Mr. Woods. For those of us who can’t land pornstars, we hit up adult personals sites to get laid.


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  1. Charlie Thomas
    08 Dec 09 6:17 pm

    His wife is 10 times hotter than that washed up pornstar.

  2. Caron Anthony
    08 Dec 09 6:19 pm

    It seems like a publicity stunt on her part to inject her name in this fiasco. Tiger clearly has a thing for waitresses – not MILF’s or pornstars.

  3. I do also not understand why Tiger betray his wife for that ugly pornstar.

  4. admin
    23 Mar 10 10:25 am

    Now several months since this post. It’s become quite clear that Tiger did indeed mess around with this pornstar. In fact, their relationship was much more serious and involved than we had all ever imagined.