Her First Lesbian Sex

It’s time to film another workout video and the girls are holding auditions. How flexible is she, how strong is her tongue, and will she know how to use a strap-on? Do you want to know the answers…cum visit with these girls and find out for yourself.

She’d never been with girls in that “way” before, it was all new. Though she’d never told any one it had been a fantasy she’d gotten herself off to more then one. Of course she had kissed another girl before, but nothing real serious ever happened, this would be a Her First Lesbian Sex.

There was one time her and a friend had a sleep over, after messing around playing some how they ended up touching each other but they were both to shy and timid for it to go anywhere, though it was an experience she’d never forget. Today was going to be completely different from her past experiences as thee girls were aggressive, they knew what they wanted and it was her, naked!

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