Messy And Wet

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Messy And Wet - The messy fetish could be described as one of the funner more lighthearted fetishes in the fetish world. People into Messy Fun use anything from honey, yogurt, baked beans to other things such as pies, cottage cheese, water, oils and so forth. The whole idea of a messy fetish is to cover ones body, clothed or not in something squishy and messy. Most messy fetishists love taking a "pie in the face" approach to messy fun. Doing something out of the ordinary, something that most of society would consider odd or out of the norm. Going against what society deems as "normal".
There are magazines out there for those looking into, or already into the messy fetish. Splosh published by Bill Shipton in the UK is just one. It features many wonderful color photos of messy fun and articles.
There are generally 3 different categories for wet and Messy. Mud and Clay (mud larking), Wet (water) and Paint and food etc, (Splosh). As a general rule, most fetishists want the mess to be thrown on people that are clothed, some go so far as specific clothing they want to see messed. For some it might be lingerie for others it could be business attire or uniforms. The whole point is to have fun and get messy doing it!
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