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Men in Satin Panties - Even unknown to many, quite a few men enjoy wearing satin panties. Not only satin panty, but panties of all colors and styles. They often slip on their favorite female underwear, loving the feel of the fabric on their skin, to the point of sexual excitement, rubbing his cock against the fabric until they reach the point of head turning orgasm, cumming all over the underwear inside, soaking to the outside.
Many men will wear panties under regular clothing, no one knowing that they are being aroused throughout the workday, the sexual thrill they receive just by wearing the satin secretly. Some men also enjoy other types of ladies panties such as butt crack riding thongs, crotch less undies, lacy ones, flowered or colorful panties. Some buy them in the stores, others borrow from wives and girlfriends, still others go on panty raids, stealing them from innocent girls underwear drawers.
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