Breast Milk Fetish

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Breast Milk Fetish - Along the same lines as lactation fetish, many people have a love of breast milk. Not just milk filled breasts, but the many times the actual act of milking the breast for squirting enjoyment or the actual taste of the milk. It is said the taste is much different from the milk we know of at the store, not to mention it is of course warm from the start.
There are even many ways to keep milk production flowing even after pregnancy. With pills and natural vitamins that steady the supply for some time. A proper breast pump can also aid in in continued milk supply. Production can even be induced in women who are not or have not been pregnant.
Another positive side effect of this particular fetish is the constant attention of the female breasts by their partners interest, if the nipples are not to sensitive or sore. From nipple stimulation of a sexual nature to the milking of a full pregnant breast till it is drained. For many a fetish lover the simple taste and texture can be the thrill all in itself.