A few fetish we thought we’d bring to your attention. This one is creepy and it involves girls being violated as they sleep. Sleep Creep is the title of the site. The way it works is they’ve got sleeping chicks who are deep asleep in dreamland. Then some guy comes in and oh so quietly starts pulling the clothes off of her. Things keep progressing until he ends up putting his dick in her mouth, then in her pussy! How the hell don’t they wake up? At some point, I’m sure they wake up thinking they’re being raped but it feels so good they just pretend to stay sleeping – all while enjoying the sex. Talk about a sleep creep. The best part is that when they’re done, she keeps her eyes closed and just cracks a smile..

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  1. howard
    27 Aug 08 3:07 pm

    I know these chicks are awake, how could they orgasm without waking up!

  2. johansen von jargles
    18 Apr 09 2:14 pm

    i did this once, she slapped me, then she fucked me..