Ever since the Kama Sutra came out there has been a fascination with women and flexibility. It seems that sexually flexible women get in more sexual positions and thus have more fun fucking around. Here at Adult Everything we’ve been looking for flexible women for years, as it’s a niche that hasn’t been adequately tackled yet. We actually have a flexible fetish links area set up that has all the flex-porn sites around. The site we’re going to focus on in this post is Contortionist.

Wouldn’t it be quite the sight to see a young lady put both her legs behind her head and slap her ass while she’s looking at it. Or how about a girl who can do the splits while sitting on top of your dick. Most of the babes on this site are gymnasts who can really contort their body in all sorts of freaky ways. Some of the sex scnees look odd and painful, but this is bizarre sex, these are really flexible girls. Imagine all the sex positions you can come up with double them because these contortionist girls can do them all and more.

Perhaps our favorite girl was this chick who always goes to the gym to stretch out and work out. She performed quite the acrobatic blowjob when she lied down on the ground and grabbed her feet, all while giving a blowjob. As if it couldn’t get any better than that, she kept sucking her toes while being fucked. Now isn’t that something, talk about being flexible and sexual all at the same time.


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