We all know all fraternities have their initiation processes. But more and more they’re turning gayer and gayer. Usually the college guys have to humiliate themselves in front of their frat buddies. Well at Haze Him, they take things to another level. There’s a whole bunch of straight guys actually sucking dick and getting fucked in their dorm rooms, while all their buddies (and even girlfriends) watch. College guys are encouraged to send in their own homemade sex tapes and cash in on their big weekly prize. This site comes to you from the same group who brought you Dare Dorm and GF Revenge.

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  1. Brad Fuller
    20 Jun 10 11:34 pm

    If this is the kind of gay stuff that fraternities have you go through I’m glad I’m staying out of that while in college.

  2. Melissa Hubbert
    20 Jun 10 11:36 pm

    For us girls in the sororities we do similar things bit it’s all good. Worst thing I did was suck a tit for 5 sec, wasn’t that bad.