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This babe is busy getting her college education. She doesn’t have time for the silly games guys play. But she does want to get laid. So she joined an online dating site where she could meet guys for anonymous sex. Here’s a snapshot of her main profile pic. She’s gotten loads of messages from guys that have ultimately led to her getting multiple loads on her face on the first date.

College was such an amazing time. However I don’t quite remember college being filled with so many drunk girls willing to do anything as long as there was a camera on them. Well since we can’t go back to college now at least we can live vicariously through the lives of current college students.

Every day college students get out their flip cams or iPhone 5’s and record themselves fucking each other. It’s not only celebrities who make sex tapes or married couples at home. But college students are making their own sex tapes at an alarming rate. What’s behind all this? Well aside from the fact that it’s fun to see yourself fucking, Dare Dorm is paying thousands of dollars each week to the best amateur college sex tape.

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Rather than bombard you with some freaky porn, this post is going to be much more tasteful. Here’s a small gallery of Ashleigh Elizabeth. This one comes to us from our friends over at Playboy Girls. You can find more glamour babes at our centerfolds section.


The same old vanilla porn gets boring after a while and Adult Everything likes to show you something different every now and then. This next site is an amateur site that’s focused on real ex girlfriends. Luckily for us amateur doesn’t mean ugly, it means just no pornstars. What’s good about this site is that the quality of the images is really good and they all come with videos too. The site is called I Know That Girl and as it’s not been publicly released just yet, you’re the first to see it here.


This is Cherry Ferretti, she is an Italian teenager who has never given nor heard of this whole footjob phenomenon. She never knew it, but she has Magical Feet. She has always taken great care of her feet and it has never paid off more than today. She came to her Magical Feet scene prepared to let her feet do all the work. This babe has decent sized tits but her tits are all natural so they jiggled nicely when she performed her first footjob. She also happens to be quite flexible too, as she gave a blowjob while giving a foot job, that’s a first. Not only that, but she gave a reverse footjob when she bent over and gave that cock a good foot rub all lubed up with oil. It was a nice view to see her pussy and ass from behind as she tugged away with her magical feet.

Jenna Doll

It must be that innocent looking face, or maybe those bedroom eyes, then gain for most it’s probably the extra large youthful boobs that makes Jenna Doll a wet dream in the making. She’s been a very naughty girl, taking her clothes off and getting nasty, oh you nasty girl. Jenna is one of those open minded teen babes when it come to sex. Be it a guy with a long schlong or a girlfriend with a need to please, it’s all good.

Here’s some on Jenna,

Jenna Doll was born in New York City and moved to California when she was 19 years old.
Before getting into porn she was working at a spa. Although she is pretty new in the adult industry she has already been featured in several adult magazines, websites and 5 movies in 2007.

She is sweet and friendly and loves to dance. She plans to go to college in the future to do cosmetology and start her own spa.