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Talk about humiliating. This blonde babe here was taken to a pub and – while bound with rope – was forced to give a public blowjob. The people at the bar were shocked at what they were looking at. She was completely naked as she walked in, with ropes around her tits and a blindfold on. Then she sat down and started sucking off her captor while everyone watched in horror.

When you visit a massage parlor what is the number one thing you want? To relax of course. Getting a massage from a professional masseuse is such a muscle relaxer. It can ease away all of your stress and worries. Interestingly enough, another great way to relieve stress is to unload all of the white sticky stuff that rests inside of your testicles. This is usually done through the act of jerking off or sex. Well how about we combine the two – getting a massage and getting a handjob, a happy ending.

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We’ve come across a new amateur site full of hot ex girlfriends and we’ve also added it to the amateur women section. It’s called Submit Your Bitch. We also found this hilarious story about how this site received the picture above.. read below for the story..

My ex girlfriend was so beautiful. She was the love of my life. I adored her lovable personality and her big boobs all the time. She said she loved big cock to me all the time. I thought she was talking about mine but I was so wrong. I checked her laptop and found that she had 2 favorite places in her bookmarks. One was Farmville and the other was this guys Facebook profile. So I did what any loving boyfriend does. I checked her phone and found all sorts of MMS texts from this guy. He had been sending her cock pics in exchange for titty pics. But there’s more. They had already hooked up twice and she even swallowed his cum. She spits mine out! So now that she fucked me over, I’m submitting all her pics to Submit Your Bitch so you all can enjoy her big titties like I did all these years..


So what’s the point in getting married if you’re just going to go out with your girlfriends and suck a strangers cock? Apparently this whore is having second thoughts about her wedding already. She went out with her girlfriends for a night out on the town, a night of fun and excitement. One of them had the brilliant idea to go hit up a male strip club. They had no idea about what really goes on behind closed doors at these strip shows.

Before they knew it a few naked guys came out and started swinging around their cocks like helicopters right in front of their face. The shy ones turned red and looked away but the wild party girls got involved in the action. The new bride got all the attention though. The whole gang was shocked to see this horny new bride see a cock and suck a cock. Her eyes were wide open staring at this big dick placed right in front of her face. What else was she to do but suck stripper cock.

All the girls who go to these shows are amateur college girls or horny housewives going out with their friends. None of them know about the Dancing Bear website and most of them don’t even know there’s a camera video-taping them while they cheat on their husbands and boyfriends. It’s truly shocking to see what girls do when they think no one’s watching.


With secret escort or “erotic massage” terminology like BBBJ (bareback blowjobs), CIM (cum in mouth) and YMMV (your mileage may vary), this site has all the lingo down pat. The guys come in for a very special massage. Here’s the way it works. Guys email in their requests via Craigslist via ads placed by Bubbly Massage escorts. A meeting is set up at a posh downtown hotel with a big bathroom and a big bath tub. The guys come in and get a soapy massage and for the right price they’ll get a full bodyslide, a soapy wet handjob, a blowjob, and the lucky guys get sex from the escorts as well, however YMMV, as some guys only get BBBJ with no CIM.

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This site called Watch Me And My Pussy is filled with women taking close-up photos of their naked pussies. They masturbate their horny shaved pussies with big long dildos and open their mouths and yell and scream loud sex sounds. Some of them have ridiculously big sexy round boobs on their bodies. Some of them slowly slip off their sexy thin tight pink panties halfway down their ass and they show off their sexy horny amazing round bubble butts. They sure do like to fuck around with a bunch of dildos – they push the dildos deeper and deeper into their pussies and assholes. Their pussies are wet, juicy and horny. You can see more ladies in the act of masturbation in our female orgasms section.