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For years Adult Everything has had a Porn For Women section listing the most popular sites. Well never before has it received as much attention as today, when Oprah held a show discussing porn for women. I watched with enthusiasm and glee as porn for women is finally hitting the mainstream.

What the show proved was what I already knew, women watch porn. In fact, recent surveys have found that 1 in 3 women watch porn. Since I’m an adult webmaster I have access to data and I’m not surprised when I see females subscribing to porn sites anymore.

So what did we learn from the show? Well the most important fact that came out of it for me was the answer to this question: What do women want in porn? The answer is: to be desired. It’s not big cocks or big tits or anything visual at all. That was surprising. So to all the aspiring porn producers out there, if you want to market to women, create storylines where the woman is the object of the man’s affection and you’ll certainly sell to a whole new and untapped market. And a final tip to guys, if you want to find a porn movie for you and your wife or girl to watch, make sure it’s not something titled cumshot fever 9 or something along those lines 🙂

The best porn site I’ve found that were geared towards women is: For The Girls.

Housewife Bangers

Gambling debts are bitch, one way or another they need to get paid. So, this guy’s wife is going to get laid. We are going to poke her pretty pink pussy while her husband watches us get down and dirty!

Jim had a gambling problem for years, some way or another he always seemed to keep his head above water, some how it always kept the bookies at bay. Times get tough for Jack. He’s on a big losing streak. He’s got more bad luck than Titanic. He would like to keep his legs all original but the guys want their money and hey are ready to do something about it.

Not exactly his first choice, not something he ever thought he’d have to do, put up his wife as payment. She says she’ll have nothing to do with it, but the deadline is drawing near and neither one of them has a choice. Then again, Jack might be a little surprised if his wife actually enjoyed paying with her body.

Wife Switch

I’m really like thing new porn site I found. Guess you could call it just another realty porn site and you might be right. It was a turn on for me because it’s been one of my favorite on-going sexual fantasies. That is switching partners with another married couple. We’ve done it before in the past and i can tell you it can be a blast!

Above is one of the couples from the site and their adventure,

Stephanie is all geared up to fuck another couple- as long as her husband Sasha keeps his promise to wear a raincoat. Nina and Tommy are ready for some action too, and all is well until Nina’s voluptuous ass gets Sasha a little too wild and he decides to throw caution to the wind… And Stephanie doesn’t take her husband’s spontaneity very well.

Housewife  Bangers

Lovely Phylisha and her happy go lucky hubby Alan say they are at a place in their relationship where they’re ready to explore their sexual fantasies and Alan’s is to watch his wife get fucked by another guy. Is he totally agreeable to the real thing when they bring home a young tatted stud?

Alan knows his wife is hot, she gets hit on all the time and he’s usually a proud husband, being that he’s got such a hot wife. Though flirting and actual fucking are two different things altogether. Sure he’s fantasied about it many time, often while they were in the midst of having hot hardcore sex. She’d ask him if it would turn him on to see her with another guy. This was usually enough to get his dick spurting cum everywhere. Question is, can he handle reality? Can he sit and watch another guy push his dick deep inside his wifes wet pussy?