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Here’s a sexy ebony babe who’s making her porn debut on Brown Bunnies. She is a true amateur who is merely looking to make a few bucks to pay her rent. She has a perfect set of all natural breasts and look at those nipples! Her nipples are so dark and chocolate colored. They look delicious.

There’s a new site that’s just been released and it’s Can He Score. This site has regular guys going out with real pornstars on a blind date. Cameras follow them around as they grab a quick bite to eat, play around at the park and then hit the jacuzzi. Unlike the Blind Date tv show, this is a reality porn site with no bleeps or pixelation. Things can sometimes get real heated as the horny guys try to seduce a pornstar. The question remains though, can he score?

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This mega celeb site, All Celeb Pass, has a lot of photos of various different famous celebrities such as Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima. They pose around in sexy lingerie and they pose around completely naked. Some of them look glamorous and wear black gloves. They have sexy big full red lips on their mouths. These nude celebrities make movies and photos that everyone can enjoy. They fuck around take pictures of themselves in the bathtub, too. Some of them even walk around on beautiful white beach sands and get photographed by paparazzi. Some of these women get photographed with nipple slips.

Step into the lives of todays hottest pornstars with at Day With A Pornstar. This is a behind the scenes look at what daily life is like for pornstars when they’re not filming. Think of it as an adult-themed reality tv show. What we end up learning is that pornstars are just as horny off the big screen as they are on it. Their wild adventures are taped as they shower around the house and even fuck and hang out with other pornstars in their lavish mansions.

One of the oddest sites to come by our desk has arrived and it’s Naked Movie. This site takes things to another level. Here’s the idea behind this quite unique new site. They take real Hollywood movies and convert them into porn movies. This is the first site of its kind. Some of the movies they’ve recreated are Star Trek (Star Trix), Miami Vice (Miami Spice), Top Gun (Pop Gun) and Superbad (Superbad Ass) to name a few. Naked Movie is part of the new Muffia Network.

Angel Couture is a college freshman who has a thing for jocks. She decides to break into the mens locker room and snoop around. She got so horny with the thrill of being where she wasn’t supposed to be that she had to sit down and masturbate, right then and there. That’s when she is caught wet-handed by the coach! This is certainly grounds for expulsion, but she offers up her pussy, if he just keeps quiet. This was an offer he couldn’t refuse. This is Sex For Grades, where naughty schoolgirls always get what they want.

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It’s time to film another workout video and the girls are holding auditions. How flexible is she, how strong is her tongue, and will she know how to use a strap-on? Do you want to know the answers…cum visit with these girls and find out for yourself.

She’d never been with girls in that “way” before, it was all new. Though she’d never told any one it had been a fantasy she’d gotten herself off to more then one. Of course she had kissed another girl before, but nothing real serious ever happened, this would be a Her First Lesbian Sex.

There was one time her and a friend had a sleep over, after messing around playing some how they ended up touching each other but they were both to shy and timid for it to go anywhere, though it was an experience she’d never forget. Today was going to be completely different from her past experiences as thee girls were aggressive, they knew what they wanted and it was her, naked!

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Aaralyn was eager to show us her skills on the new hit video game CockBand! Luckily for us she needed a couple extra controllers. Plug us into your ass to experience how INTERactive it can get.

Being a virgin when it came to her tight butthole, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Oh sure she’d tried a finger or two when she was horny, but that was nothing compared to a stiff fat cock trying to snake it’s way up her little bum. It was quite a shock when he started to work his dick up inside her anus, a little big bigger than her slender fingers. She could feel the slight pain as he pushed, she only hoped he’d be gentle for Her First Anal Sex.


Hey what’s up guys it’s me Preston here with another funny episode of the Bang Bus, of course it’s funny because I brought along my homeboy, the famous Ramon.

This guy is hilarious, he partied last night and he fell asleep in the fuck van, so when I was going to work in the van, I saw him sleeping there, so peaceful, well more like passed out. So I went to search for some sexy ladies with Ramon and we found this hot blond chick who called herself Amanda!

She was hot as hell with large real tits and her ass was so tight that I wanted to fuck her myself, I tried, believe you me. So we took her for a ride, and Ramon did his thing, they started playing around and out of nowhere she pulled his cock out of his pants and started sucking his stiff dick.

Then she showed her ass to the camera and her amazing tits with nice big nipples. so check it out, because Amanda loves Ramon’s big Chorizo, was like she couldn’t get enough.

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There are tons of really boring jobs in the world today. Jobs that you really hate because your boss is too hard on you or a complete dick head, jobs where you have to kiss ass so you can get an extra buck for your tips, simply the job that only pays your bills, and ruins your life in the process.

Well this kind of job our next guest happened to have. Adriana works at this Cuban place (one of the million around Miami area) which she hates with a passion and then some. A little while ago her friend showed her an ad that I published in the newspaper and she decided to reply. She told me that she likes to watch porn movies and that she’d like to see what it’s like to be on the other side of the screen, in action.

I called my boy Johny who apparently became a sex instructor at some time or another. After she pulled down those cute white cotton panties, He showed her how the whole thing works and it seems like she got it, more than got it actually. Her nice tiny tight pussy was handling his cock really well, she even left her short white socks on while she was getting banged, what a pro.

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I couldn’t help but post this girl when I ran across her on the net today. Just her looks and face, and that body, hhhmm.. I can think of a few things I wouldn’t mind doing with her. She’s quite a busy little porn star with appearances on Ball Honeys, Tug Jobs, Monsters of Cock and Working Latinas. Not hoard to see why she is so very popular. What do you think of her?

Here’s some more info on Kristina:

Kristina Rose is the perfect representation of a hot latin girl. She began her career as a model for one of the top modeling agencies in California, participated in several commercials, and won Mrs. Chica latina pageant in 2005. She was born in Austin Texas but her parents are from Guadalajara Mexico. That is why she loves Mexican cuisine; like enchiladas with mole sauce. And enjoys dancing to the rhythms of tex-mex.

Kristina began her career in the adult industry in 2006. Her first sex scene was unforgettable as she described in her own words ” I had to fuck the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life” She has been featured in many movies, her favorite ones girl-girl.

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Now, that call this girl hispanic, but I don’t see it, or my eyes are failing me. I see a very hot all American type girl. She was probably even a cheerleader back in high school, or on the volleyball team. I am of course talking about the beautiful Jasmine Tame.

Some might call her slightly chubby, I call her just right, or more politically correct, I’d call her curvy. As you probably know I like my ladies with some meat on their bones. As the over used old adage goes, more cushion for the pushing. All I know is I fucked a really skinny girl once and my pelvic bones were sore for a week!

No Jasmine on the other hand, has extra padding in all the right places. Not only does she have large tits, and they are said to be real I might add, but she also has a nice plump butt, just big enough to grab hold of and enough to bounce while your behind her pushing your hard dick in and out of that wet pussy.

Call Jasmine a big butt or a bubble but girl if you want, I think she’s curvy is all the right area’s and I sure wouldn’t kick her out of bed. What about you?

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Here’s something you don’t see every day. Sexy girls getting squirted on and swallowing it. Not only do these women have very active squirting pussies but they have girlfriends that want it all. They will both have their cunt reamed until they gush all over the place. Talk about getting messy.

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It’s probably no surprise I posted this girl because she is famous for anal sex and says she loves it. I don’t know about you, but I have not known many women who actually enjoy anal, let alone want to do it very often. Naomi is a wild girl in my book and gets high marks for loving it up the butt hole. Am I the only one?

Here’s Pornstar Naomi and Action.

Here’s some more information on Naomi:

Naomi was born in Los Angeles. Despite having built a large fan base focusing on her butt, she has managed to maintain a rather private personal life. She enjoys outdoor activities like rock climbing, water-skiing and bicycle-riding. Aside from that, she prefers mostly staying at home. She has performed varied acts but her trademark is anal sex.

Before working in porn, she was a legal analyst and litigator and had been married once and got divorced. During the night she would also work as a medical assistant. Upon her entry into the adult industry, she was recovering from a battle with cancer and went on bed rest leading to her weight gain

The first scene she did was in August 2, 2005, in the film “Cum Fiesta”. Her specialties include fetish work, and films that focus on her large posterior. She has starred in many threesome, anal, double penetration, interracial, and multiple-partner scenes with both sexes. .She was noticeably absent from the 2007 AVN Awards show where she won the Best New Starlet of the Year award. Her absence was unprecedented as no other pornstar, in AVN history, to win this award, had been absent from the show to collect it. In an interview with AVN after the no-show, she explained that her absence was due to her having things to do back home and she didn’t see what the big deal was. In this same interview she also mentions how the porn industry helped her discover anal sex and her love for it; her career inside and outside of porn; her enjoyment of girl/girl scenes and her resentment of persons criticizing her weight loss as she explained her weight gain upon entering porn and that before this she was by nature an athletic and lean person.

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All I can say is this girl is hot, hot, hot. Not only does she have a beautiful face and smile but a body that is just incredible. Not really a girl next door because the girls around here at least are not even close to this hot. Ashlynn is the girl from school that was the prettiest and probably a cheerleader. Hmm.. now I’m thinking about Ashlynn in a short skirt and pom-poms, jumping and kicking high.

Here’s some more on Ashlynn:

Ashlynn Brooke is one of the newest, hottest and most successful porn stars out there. She was born in Oklahoma City and was raised by her grandparents. At a very young age she began watching playboy channel and suddenly became fascinated with porn. She became sexually active with her first boyfriend and since then was very open to try out new things.

Ashlynn started her career with nude photography, working for Magazines. then she took it a step forward.
Her first sex scene was for BangBrosNetwork. Since then, she landed contracts with two of the biggest studios in the industry.

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In the latest Monsters of Cock movie we caught up with Sexy Teen Melania dressed in her best pigtails, she was so cute and so innocent looking. A soft spoken Puerto Rican girl with an ass that speaks for itself, tight, firm and oh so looking to get fucked. Her tits were also very nice but her ass stole the show, don’t think we’ve ever had a tighter virgin anal opening before, opening is the right word, it was going to open wide.

I made her booty shake for me. Ramon was in love with her ass instantly, you could tell by the rise of his huge black cock. He also loved her shy ways. So much in fact that he penetrated that shy little pussy till she was riding that Monster Cock like a professional. She admitted that she was in heaven sucking on Ramons huge cock cause her boyfriend was an angry 5 incher! Oh well, another day, another pussy stretched, she’ll be feeling that fucking for a day or two!

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A foxy ebony babe with a fine rack and a plump booty that jiggles just right. Havana Ginger is our ebony babe of the day with one fine body. From her large boobs to those dark brown nipple to the moist wet pussy. Here’s the 411 on Havana:

African American porn actress Havana Ginger was born in Los Angeles, California on February 27, 1984.
Before getting into porn, Havana was working as a bar tender in L.A. One day she was approached by a talent agency for her first porn experience.

She has been in the industry for four years now and has appeared in nearly 150 scenes.
Havana loves the business and loves her flexible work hours. She totally enjoys anal sex in camera and in her private life.
Havana has declared herself bisexual. She can fall in love with feminine and submissive women. and loves white boys with bald heads.

Carmella Bing

Thought I’d post a picture of my new girlfriend, another added to the flock. No I’m not a stalker. Seriously this girl is hot with a incredibly curvy figure. And who can forget those fine set of breasts. I’ve seen some clips of Carmella in action and the thing that really got me was her personality and her enthusiasm. Plus she seems like she really gets in to sex, like she really enjoys it. I’ve never been into skinny girls myself, and Carmella has just enough curves in just the right places.

Think my wife might be a little upset if I’m going around saying I have a new girlfriend. That is, unless she can join in and play too..:) Fine by me. What do you think of Carmella? Hot or Not?

Chase Chandler

Chase Chandler spent the early part of her life, living with her father, who tried his best to keep her busy. Basketball, tap, jazz, baton twirling and gymnastics were all on Chase’s schedule. She took a great liking to gymnastics, excelling in it for 6 years until she grew too tall and had no alternative but to give it up. While it saddened her, Chase turned a negative into a positive.

Chase’s next step would be the first of many that would lead her to becoming the well rounded performer she is today. At age 15, Chase moved to California to be with her mother. Whereas, her father always made sure she did well in school and had rules, which she obeyed, with her mother the opposite was true. She was more like a friend than a parent, and Angela was allowed free reign over her own life. Having boys over, a boyfriend, dressing how she pleased, and no curfew were now some of the liberties, Chase enjoyed. Eventually things began getting to get out of hand, as you would expect and Chase’s mother tried to put her foot down.

Chase ended up getting a place on her own, and making her way around the Los Angeles area. Still just 17 yrs of age, Chase would grow up fast. She worked at a hair salon and was living the good life with a group of girls she had met. There were a lot of strip clubs in the area and Chase recalled how glamorous her friends had made it look and danced in some “amateur night” competitions. She was later introduced to the industry by an ex boyfriend. Immediately, she was intrigued. Now at the age of 22, Chase has filmed over 100 scenes. She continues to be one of the hardest working girls in porn. Whether teamed up with men or women, she manages to bring out the best in her partners. Click here for Chase Chandler in action.