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Talk about humiliating. This blonde babe here was taken to a pub and – while bound with rope – was forced to give a public blowjob. The people at the bar were shocked at what they were looking at. She was completely naked as she walked in, with ropes around her tits and a blindfold on. Then she sat down and started sucking off her captor while everyone watched in horror.


Let me tell you about an interesting story submission we got here at Adult Everything. It turns out that this guy went on a dating site looking to get laid. He found a few ladies in his hometown that were looking for no strings attached fun. But then he looked over at a particular profile and he was shocked to see that it was his neighbor’s 22 year old daughter.

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It’s pretty common to see interracial couples nowadays. But one of the most unique (and common) pairings is Asian girl with Black guys.That’s what this website is all about. It groups some drop dead gorgeous Asian babes and puts them together with some very large black men. You already know what the allure of this whole concept is. We’ve got tiny Asian babes being banged by black guys with huge cocks. It makes for some interest footage to say the least.

You thought you had heard of all of the sexual positions that could exist, but here’s a new sexual position that’s not even in the Kama Sutra. No we’re not talking about froggystyle, but rather about the new spin on my cock phenomenon.

This sex position requires a sturdy hard cock and a flexible fun chick. As the name of this sex position implies, the woman sits on a rotating disk while she rides an erect penis. This position is intriguing because it also adds the whole gloryhole element to it.

The Spin On My Cock website tries to show you the benefits of this unique sexual position by getting the hottest babes in porn to try this position out. They all have a blast with it and I’m sure you’ll have fun looking at them trying it out.

This next babe is under 5 feet tall and weighs less than 100 pounds. She is a tiny tiny babe. Well when she came in for her porn shoot imagine the look on her face when she saw the freak who was going to be fucking her. It was none other than that goat loving Ramon el mamon with the huge monster cock.

Her jaw dropped. How in the world was she to attempt to suck his dick? Well sucking his monster dong was the least of her worries. Not only was she going to be gagging on this beast but she was also going to get fucked by it. That’s right, this monster cock was going to punish her tight teenage twat.

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cruelty party porn pros

You’ve seen what girls do at stripper parties, but what about if the girls are total freaks? They host a Cruelty Party. This unsuspecting male stripper thinks he’s going to perform a show in front of these beautiful ladies, but they’ve got something else in mind. At this new site, women are going to torture and humiliate male strippers by sitting on their face, torturing their cock and balls, and then by jerking them off by force.


There’s this new site just out from the Porn Pros that’s all about nude massages. They’ve previously made sites about sleep sex, squirting and bondage but this one takes the cake. We’re talking about inviting girls over to give them a full body massage that turns into an erotic nude massage. Once the girls are relaxed the guys have them in the palm of their hand. The site is called Massage Creep and it’s filled with male masseuses having sex with their clients. It’s all there, from the camera catching them undressing nude to the guys rubbing their tits, stomach, ass and finally pussy.


Pornstar Nikki Benz catches her female co-worker looking at a lesbian porn magazine while at work in the office. She finds it fucking gross and these two girls begin to argue. That’s when their busty boss Lexi Tyler overhears them arguing. Well you see, Lexi finds the magazine sexy and she gets all horny about it. She wants nothing more than to have Nikki’s wet tongue inside of her wet pussy. At first Nikki resists, but she finally gives in to Lexi’s dominating seduction techniques. This truly is a lesbian woman in charge. This all happens at Brazzers new site: Hot And Mean.


You really can’t get much more up close and personal than this. There is a fetish out there called the smothering and facesitting fetish. This niche is all about girls sitting on guys faces. Whether it’s a facefull of ass or a face full of pussy these guys are after, face-sitting accomplishes that. Now let’s take this another step further – how about BBW facesitting? Well for the fat women of Facesitting Fatties they do just that. Hold your breath and take a look at what these ladies do. Some of the videos are so fucked up, these chicks totally sit their fat asses on a man’s face as they squirm for air.


The folks over at Porn Pros have done it again with the release of their latest humiliated themed site. This time the theme is cumshots – big cumshots. Here’s how some of these Cum Disgrace episodes go: This girl gets fucked first and then gets thrown in a cage, she was forced to suck cock and then take a massive facial, all while her so called girlfriend was slapping her face and enjoying seeing this bitch destroyed and humiliated with a cum bukakke. Another bitch was thrown on the floor before having a dick stuffed deep down her throat. She was then tied up with rope and ball gagged before the guys got around her to shower her with loads of cum until the sperm completely covered her face and body.


Ever since the Kama Sutra came out there has been a fascination with women and flexibility. It seems that sexually flexible women get in more sexual positions and thus have more fun fucking around. Here at Adult Everything we’ve been looking for flexible women for years, as it’s a niche that hasn’t been adequately tackled yet. We actually have a flexible fetish links area set up that has all the flex-porn sites around. The site we’re going to focus on in this post is Contortionist.

Wouldn’t it be quite the sight to see a young lady put both her legs behind her head and slap her ass while she’s looking at it. Or how about a girl who can do the splits while sitting on top of your dick. Most of the babes on this site are gymnasts who can really contort their body in all sorts of freaky ways. Some of the sex scnees look odd and painful, but this is bizarre sex, these are really flexible girls. Imagine all the sex positions you can come up with double them because these contortionist girls can do them all and more.

Perhaps our favorite girl was this chick who always goes to the gym to stretch out and work out. She performed quite the acrobatic blowjob when she lied down on the ground and grabbed her feet, all while giving a blowjob. As if it couldn’t get any better than that, she kept sucking her toes while being fucked. Now isn’t that something, talk about being flexible and sexual all at the same time.


The gang from the Porn Pros have created a sick and twisted website dealing with moms in bondage. These are some real moms who are getting all tied up and put through some real torture. These aren’t the CIA torture tapes, these are the MILF torture tapes. These moms aren’t guilty of espionage but instead are guilty of having big tits. The moms are captured, enslaved, tortured and then humiliated. Here’s some of what they went through: They had their big tits put in a tit clamp, they were hog-tied like animals, they were strapped to a pussy fucking machine and this thing goes at a few thousand RPMs fucking their pussy until they can’t take it anymore. The moms were suspended in the air with ropes, they even had their big mom tits put in a suction device to puff them up.

disgraced 18 year old teens

Hot teens are being taken out in public and abused with various bondage techniques. The 18 year old teens from Disgraced 18 are being taken through a series of acts including torture, gagging, spanking, whipping and all sorts of BDSM acts. After all is said and done, the disgraced 18 year olds are completely humiliated.

cartoon porn

Radgasm is a great site that features a bunch of drawn porn cartoons. These animated characters take many different shapes and forms as some of them look like a bunch of weird aliens. There are even aliens in a gray color that look like women, but it turns out that they are tranny aliens with a cock.  Some of these drawn women wear black fishnet lingerie and they get fucked up their ass and scream loudly. Some of the characters are drawn like a bunch of commando soldiers. Some of these cartoons are female elves with long ears and amazing big round boobs.

Have we crossed the line yet? No? Okay good, we’ll keep going then. In the endless quest to bring you porn from the weird to the bizarre, we found another lollapalooza for you today with Jurassic Cock. This site is about old ass mother fucking geezers, grandpas with wrinkly cocks that aren’t even from the stone age, but from the Jurassic period, going after some young teenage snatch. This isn’t older men with younger women – this is ancient nearly bed ridden men destroying white teen sluts who are too foolish to refuse their advances.

A few fetish we thought we’d bring to your attention. This one is creepy and it involves girls being violated as they sleep. Sleep Creep is the title of the site. The way it works is they’ve got sleeping chicks who are deep asleep in dreamland. Then some guy comes in and oh so quietly starts pulling the clothes off of her. Things keep progressing until he ends up putting his dick in her mouth, then in her pussy! How the hell don’t they wake up? At some point, I’m sure they wake up thinking they’re being raped but it feels so good they just pretend to stay sleeping – all while enjoying the sex. Talk about a sleep creep. The best part is that when they’re done, she keeps her eyes closed and just cracks a smile..

Wild Fuck Toys

Okay, I’ll admit porn sites about women getting fucked by machines is not really anything new, they’ve been around for some time. The most famous of course is Fucking Machines, think they are even the ones that started the whole niche. There is not doubt they have a killer site, i spent all kinds of time on the site.

Here’s the thing, all these mechanical fuck toys are not something you can buy off the shelf of the local super store, they are all hand made. Being they are hand made means there are so many variations from site to site, which is good for you.

Like Today, I came across Wild Fuck Toys and the image above. It’s a snap from one of their video’s. What caught my eye was the set up this girl was getting pleasure from, again, not something you’ll probably find anywhere else. If you noticed there is a little clit stimulator arranged against this ladies clit. I’ve seen my wife with one of those so i can tell you that girl in the pictures is getting some big time orgasms. It’s enough just with that electrified dildo banging her box, but to have that and the clit getting abused, I’m surprised she’s still sitting there. Check out Wild Fuck Toys for yourself and see what I mean.

flexible girls

When this girl is alone she does strange contortions with her flexible smooth body and its most intimate parts. You know what I’m talking about. You will be surprised by her difficult poses, but when she starts to masturbate with sex toys in this body state it hits your mind and just might get a rise from other parts of your body. This girl’s body is so flexible you’ll enjoy sexual positions only dreamed of. Just one of the babes from Perfect Flex.