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Her friends wanted to be nice and throw her a great bachelorette party. Boy did they. This wasn’t what they had in mind. They just wanted her to have a good time on her last day as a single woman. But what ended up happening was this wild stripper showed up and whipped his dick out. The bride-to-be got on her knees in front of everyone and started jerking this guy off. OMG with all the pictures that were taken her husband is bound to see them.


The shy girl in the corner is always the wild one. That’s what happened at the year-end party her job threw. The whole night she stayed away from all the loud music, all the wild antics and all the drunken debauchery. But the whole time she was clenching her pulsating pussy, trying to hide just how wet her snatch was. Then. it. happened. The male stripper went up to her with his hard cock and she couldn’t resist him. She opened her mouth wide and gave him and amazing blowjob. She stuffed that dick deep in her mouth, deepthroating it, choking on it, gagging on it, licking the cock head, tasting the balls. Oh yes she did it all.


A group of wild party girls got together to throw a themed party. And it’s not a party until there’s a male stripper swinging his dick around. Not only is it funny, but some girls get wasted and embarrass themselves. So with Kimmy dropped her jeans and her panties to sit on this strangers’ dick, it was hilarious. But after a while, it wasn’t funny anymore as she started screaming and ended up squirting so much out of that pussy of hers. Everybody was like shocked.

What is it about male strip clubs that drives women wild. I mean guys go to strip clubs but they just drink and relax. Maybe they get a lap dance or two. But it’s all a calm yet sexual environment. But at male strip clubs the girls go absolutely nuts. Not just that, but it’s groups of girls who go crazy. Guys don’t really get wild with their guy friends at strip clubs, but girls do.

Take for example this one episode above. It happened at Dancing Bear, the strip club where large groups of regular women go to watch a guy in a bear costume strip. But what goes on here is much more raunchy than what goes on at the average strip club. Here, moms, college students and housewives suck cock and take facials from the male strippers.

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Here’s a clothed female (other than the fact she popped her tits out of her blouse) giving a blowjob to one lucky guy. This amazing scene was captured by the CFNM Show website. Let me tell you how it all went down.

The girls were in an art class and were going to sketch this nude model. It’s a college course that includes a lecture and a lab. During the lab, the students have more freedom and no professor. It’s where the hands-on work gets done. And boy were these girls really hands-on this time.

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Now here’s something for the CFNM fetish crowd. That’s clothed female naked male for those not aware of this micro niche. This site, Pure CFNM, has clothed women stroking naked guys off until they can’t hold in their cum any longer. These girls laugh and giggle as they totally abuse guys with small cocks. While these babes were out with their latest victim, they decided to give us at a shout out as a naked dude stood there with his puny dick out. It’s all about public humiliation as these guys who get their pants taken off by a group of girlfriends who love having fun and making guys cum.

We all know all fraternities have their initiation processes. But more and more they’re turning gayer and gayer. Usually the college guys have to humiliate themselves in front of their frat buddies. Well at Haze Him, they take things to another level. There’s a whole bunch of straight guys actually sucking dick and getting fucked in their dorm rooms, while all their buddies (and even girlfriends) watch. College guys are encouraged to send in their own homemade sex tapes and cash in on their big weekly prize. This site comes to you from the same group who brought you Dare Dorm and GF Revenge.

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You’ve seen what girls do at stripper parties, but what about if the girls are total freaks? They host a Cruelty Party. This unsuspecting male stripper thinks he’s going to perform a show in front of these beautiful ladies, but they’ve got something else in mind. At this new site, women are going to torture and humiliate male strippers by sitting on their face, torturing their cock and balls, and then by jerking them off by force.


So what’s the point in getting married if you’re just going to go out with your girlfriends and suck a strangers cock? Apparently this whore is having second thoughts about her wedding already. She went out with her girlfriends for a night out on the town, a night of fun and excitement. One of them had the brilliant idea to go hit up a male strip club. They had no idea about what really goes on behind closed doors at these strip shows.

Before they knew it a few naked guys came out and started swinging around their cocks like helicopters right in front of their face. The shy ones turned red and looked away but the wild party girls got involved in the action. The new bride got all the attention though. The whole gang was shocked to see this horny new bride see a cock and suck a cock. Her eyes were wide open staring at this big dick placed right in front of her face. What else was she to do but suck stripper cock.

All the girls who go to these shows are amateur college girls or horny housewives going out with their friends. None of them know about the Dancing Bear website and most of them don’t even know there’s a camera video-taping them while they cheat on their husbands and boyfriends. It’s truly shocking to see what girls do when they think no one’s watching.