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My bologna has a first name and my black girlfriend has a big butt. That’s the song that lucky guys who have ebony girlfriends sing on the daily, yo. Take this babe for example. No, take her, seriously. Well not seriously. But really, look at that phat ass. Now that’s a phat booty girl right there. Imagine pounding that dark butt from behind. It would be intimidating do see your cock disappear in her butt crack.


There’s a popular game going around all the webcam sites. It’s a dare game. The concept is simple. You convince girls to play a game of dare with you. Once they’re playing, you can take the game to another level. The more dares they accomplish the more points they get. This girl for example wanted to get the 150 point bonus so she agreed to flash her boobs real quick. Little did she know that he was recording the whole thing. The snapshot you see above is the perfect tits of this hot teen babe. Now that’s one sweet pair of titties.


She hit 18 and what does she do? She goes online to share her tits with the world. Yep, this babe was finally old enough to show her boobs without any repercussions. Well other than being posted on every boob blog in town, girlfriend.

College is a wonderful time. One of the best things about college is going to spring break. There’s a few hot spots across the country where spring break is always a good time. Those include some places in southern California, Texas and Florida. But another hotbed of wild college antics is in Lake Havasu. There you can see drunk college coeds flashing their tits like these girls did.

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How was life for you back in college? It sure as fuck wasn’t as good as it is nowadays. Now with adult sites paying out thousands of dollars to young drunk college girls for their sex tapes, there’s so much sex going on at college campuses. Now there’s a new site to hit the market and it’s called College Rules. Each week a new group of college students submit their homemade tapes of their college sex parties to see if they have what it takes to take home the $10,000 prize.

We’ve come across a new amateur site full of hot ex girlfriends and we’ve also added it to the amateur women section. It’s called Submit Your Bitch. We also found this hilarious story about how this site received the picture above.. read below for the story..

My ex girlfriend was so beautiful. She was the love of my life. I adored her lovable personality and her big boobs all the time. She said she loved big cock to me all the time. I thought she was talking about mine but I was so wrong. I checked her laptop and found that she had 2 favorite places in her bookmarks. One was Farmville and the other was this guys Facebook profile. So I did what any loving boyfriend does. I checked her phone and found all sorts of MMS texts from this guy. He had been sending her cock pics in exchange for titty pics. But there’s more. They had already hooked up twice and she even swallowed his cum. She spits mine out! So now that she fucked me over, I’m submitting all her pics to Submit Your Bitch so you all can enjoy her big titties like I did all these years..

Girls do everything together, they go to the restroom together, they party together and now they’re having their first threesomes together as well. What you’ll find inside Teen BFF is hacked pictures of selfshot teen babes in their dorm rooms and plenty of stolen videos of amateur girlfriends having sex at home with a guy… or with each other. Thanks Facebook!

There’s a new site that’s just been released by the folks at Reality Kings. This one is GF Revenge. It features only real homemade content that is completely user-submitted. Many of the pics and vids were stolen from Facebook or hacked from Myspace accounts. There’s more ex gf stuff at our amateur teens resource page.


Ever watch a Japanese gameshow? I love how crazy they get. Well how about a porn game show, that’s what Kobe Surprise is. Here’s how it works, a couple of hot Asian girls, totally amateurs off the street, perform some random sex acts and get paid big money. Some of the stuff they do are things like give a lonely loser his first blowjob, flash in public places or compete with their girlfriend to see who can make a guy cum first. These girls are always shy to start but soon enough show their true colors.


The same old vanilla porn gets boring after a while and Adult Everything likes to show you something different every now and then. This next site is an amateur site that’s focused on real ex girlfriends. Luckily for us amateur doesn’t mean ugly, it means just no pornstars. What’s good about this site is that the quality of the images is really good and they all come with videos too. The site is called I Know That Girl and as it’s not been publicly released just yet, you’re the first to see it here.


This is Kitty Bella, a 19 year old college freshman. She has long dark hair, a great smile and sweet natural tits that will make your mouth water. Let’s not forget she has a cute booty too. Sure she wasn’t the smartest tool in the shed but she was one of the hottest teens to come by Her Freshman Year to get an education in sex. Her first interview was quite revealing, as we all learned about how she loves to party and that she’s never done anything in front of a camera before, much less with a stranger. When she finally lost her top we nearly lost our minds, her huge tits were so soft and all natural too. Who could blame this guy for titty-fucking her. In the end, this first time college freshman got a nice facial and a few hundred bucks to help pay her tuition.

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The sexy horny young fantastic brunette known as Riley Rebel sure has some big long cute socks on her sexy long slender legs. She likes to dress in cute colors and crawl around on a big soft bed. She has some freckles on her body. She poses in an office with her sexy big phat bubble butt sitting on an office chair, too. She likes to tease the viewers by sliding her sexy thin tight green panties halfway down her sexy big round bubble butt. She sometimes fools around on a soft carpet while she crawls around on all four limbs like a cat. She has a great smile and is now one of the girls listed in our amateur directory.

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This site has a lot of different pictures of various amateur girlfriends. Some of the girls who get posted on Me And My GF’s are blonde and some of them are brunette. They like to undress and get down on their knees on soft carpet and suck some big dick. Some of them have sexy big round amazing fake boobs. Others have natural breasts. They suck and lick and stroke and hand job cocks and they get fucked up their pussies with big dicks, as well. Some of them get photographed while taking a shower of warm water in the bathtub. They are all a bunch of sluts that make home movies for the whole world to see. This guy named Jack manages to take naked pics of all of his first dates, blind dates and even long term girlfriends. He’s also got a nice stash of pics of his ex girlfriends in his collection too. What a lucky mofo.

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What’s up people? It’s still spring break here in Miami and the bangbus is still on the prowl for hot chicks willing to suck some cock for cash, and possibly ones that might just take it up the ass, and that’s exactly what we found this week.

After a few laps around SoBe hollering at some hotties. Preston and the guys found beautiful Raquel. She was a charismatic young hot piece of ass with an awesome sense of humor and a big phat round ass. She was hesitant to come with us on the bus, but after Preston practically gave her his wallet she was in like flynn.

She found Jonny Deep attractive, and she was very flirtatious with him. After some convincing, she showed us her succulent firm ass, and a little while after that she was being pounded in the ass with a big stiff dick.

There is nothing better than a hot Latin woman moaning in her native tongue as she takes it up the ass again and again and only wants more. After it was all said and done we convinced her to go steal some easter eggs off people’s lawns and she fell for it. As we peeled off she ran at us trying to catch up, but she was just too slow. You snooze, you lose.

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Wasup guys it’s your boy Preston here. This time I invited my sexy girl Eva Angelina to ride the bangbus with me so she can pick up some hot and hung guys for her pleasure.

She was out on the prowl for some hard cock or better said, she was out for some multiple cock action, this girl never seems to get enough when it comes to trouser meat. That’s my type of girl!

Eva picked up a dude off the street and fucked him so hard, but the guy couldn’t resist her sexual power if you know what I am saying. Later that day, she picked up another stud dude who had so much hair on his dick it looked like a fucking rain forest. So we dismissed him, and Eva continued her journey looking for more cock.

When she found two 19 year old dudes who were walking the streets, Eva gave them a little blow job, right out in public, standing on the sidewalk, before entering the van. This girl just jumps out of the van, pulls their dicks out of their baggy pants and starts sucking!

One of them couldn’t take the pressure, but the other one stayed and got him cock sucked and fucked by the sexy Eva. Although, he got too excited and he came in 2 minutes.

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What’s up guys and gals, it’s your boy with another hot episode of the Bang Bus. But this time, we went to the hood to try to find some nice girls, ya you heard me, nice girls.

At first we didn’t have much luck, we just found a crack-head whore that would do whatever for only 5 dollars and I do mean whatever, talk about a skank!

Then we passed by the courthouse, and we saw this gorgeous chick wearing a real tiny skirt that barely covered a thing, with some nice beautiful sweet legs.

We started talking to her and she was paying a ticket for peeing on the streets, can you believe it? I offered her the cash for the ticket and for taking a ride with us. She accepted the offer and we took her for a Bang Bus drive.

We were cruising with my home-boy C-lo and out of nowhere these two starting making out, and the next thing you know they were fucking hardcore, but as you know, when it was all over, I took back my cash and threw her out of the car! She was pissed.