Ever watch a Japanese gameshow? I love how crazy they get. Well how about a porn game show, that’s what Kobe Surprise is. Here’s how it works, a couple of hot Asian girls, totally amateurs off the street, perform some random sex acts and get paid big money. Some of the stuff they do are things like give a lonely loser his first blowjob, flash in public places or compete with their girlfriend to see who can make a guy cum first. These girls are always shy to start but soon enough show their true colors.

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  1. Henry Theus
    15 Dec 09 10:34 pm

    The Japanese are a strange people. They pixelate crotches but show bukkakes.

  2. Jameson Morgan
    15 Dec 09 10:37 pm

    There ain’t much sweeter site than watching an Asian cutie jerk a cock in front of her friend for money. The Japs are fucking crazy.