Paddle Spanking

Spanking with paddles

can be rough to the recipient, unless they've got a paddle fetish. Using paddles to spank your partner doesn't make it a bondage session. Naughty schoolgirls get spanked with wooden paddles while slaves get it with leather paddles. Either way, their butts will be bright red afterwards.

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Spanking With Paddles

Bad Tushy
These naughty girls take off their tight blue jeans to expose their plump round perfectly shaped white butts. When they leave, they leave with bright red and sore bubble butts.
Belting Videos
Bad girls get punished when they do wrong and this site shows how they get paddled.. They'll have sore ass butts after getting paddled by the masters for not doing what they should have in the first place. They will have the scars to remember for next time.
School Paddling Videos
These schoolgirls are spanked with a heavy hand and a heavy cane because these asses are bright red. These innocent ladies are getting it with a spanking paddle. When there's none available, a hand spank also does the job.
Real Caning Videos
Girls who have been pretty bad and naughty are put over the knee of their master. He then pulls down their skirts and panties to reveal a perfectly round white butt. That's a problem now isn't it. So the masters start spanking the girls behinds with a cane.

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